Sunday, 2 October 2016

Independance Day, Sept. 18th

 Ha-ha Rodrigo (convert from first area) is super bien, has actively going out with the missionaries lots and going to church every week, he is happier than he’s ever been.
I’m a little worried for him not going to lie but it’s not necessary to worry Heavenly Father will take care of him.

 Maria's real baptism is this week and I’m excited, also I’m super stoked for the general conference in 2 weeks :D I love it :D

                                      I got a letter from Loretta :D 
 We all went to Jack’s, Hna Calderon and I split a real milkshake ha-ha :D gringa food. :D
On Saturday we had time to go shopping. Hmm, I didn’t find anything, but Hna Goulding was missing shopping and came back with 9 sweaters ha-ha.
This weekend was different due to the Independent Day celebrations. We went to Cristian Cardenas’ house on Sunday.  Jose Miguel (gangster child) and Andrea Cardenas were trying to teach us how to do the Cauca, but since we can’t dance we were just trying to memorize what they were doing to practice later. :D and we made empanadas together. I wore my typical Chilean dress ha-ha it was fun. A little girl on the street was like look a chinita! She’s really really white ha-ha :D Yep, I’m a Canadian! Goulding and I stand out a little. ALOT! ha-ha. We saw a guy with blue eyes the other day and it was actually kind of scary ha-ha that is not normal around here. Then yesterday we did not go anywhere! I had my first almost lazy day in 11 months. :D ha-ha we watched the testaments, I made Hna Ricagno’s trunky agenda covers, took TWO naps, painted my nails like Chilean flags, (I forgot to take a pic) :(  played Uno,  and ate 6 hot dogs!  I felt like I was wasting time, so I cleaned, planned for investigators, went to bed early, and much more other stuff, oh yeah I wrote some letters and lots of things :D 
                                      Aftermath of our ward party
                                   Independence Day celebration


        Wheelchair dude is Christian, our ward mission leader :D

This is for Shyanne:

I love you Annie!

I won por se caso in a skirt :D

              We're eating a pajarito, or a little bird, it tastes good :D

 So I’m just chilin out here happily :D and I just want to let you guys know, so you’re not worried but there is a terremoto (earthquake) warning for the end of the month.  Don’t worry remember in my setting apart I was told I will be 100 percent safe and sound, even protected by angels if necessary so yeah, don’t worry I just wanted you all’s to know just in case :D but don’t worry nada going to happen and I have an emergency kit so I’m good :D 

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