Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas in Chile, isn't so chilly.

When we talked to Shaylee Christmas day it was a whoppin' 35 degrees and 100% humidity, and minus 20 degrees here. We showed her companion what a white Christmas looks like and how you can see your breath in the cold air, I wish we would have recorded her shocked expression.
 Shaylee LOVES Christmas and sent a ton of pictures, and not much letter. Guess she figured we just talked a few days ago.
Sisters Christmas morning
Christmas Presents

Letter from the young women

Mataya's Christmas gift to Shaylee, funny girl!

Christmas dinner at Elder and Sister Lee's
 Necklace Natalya (investigator) made for her.
 I think the blue and green box in the background really brings out her eyes. LOL!
 Not looking very Christmasy outside

Our companionship has been waaay better since Christmas too because my companion would get a little annoyed because I talk about my family so much. She said, "you know, our families are really different,” After talking to you guys  she now understands why I need you all so much. She said for me to be here, is like giving 200 percent of me, just to be gone from you all. Which is totally true. You are my strength, literally! I’m seriously still just floating from how happy I am that I got to talk to you guys! To see you was heavenly! and my comp. was eavesdropping when I told you about how I post this quote above my bed to keep me motivated, stole a pic from me and made this for above my bed :D she is an animator :D Love her so much!
Love shay

Hermana Ricagno you are amazing!

Friday, 25 December 2015

We Talked To Shaylee!!!

We were able to talk to Shaylee for 45 minutes this afternoon. The time went way to fast!!! She is so happy and doing great!!!
Here is a sample of her Spanish.
Shaylee and Hermana Ricagno, singing Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam. These two are not just comps they are sisters, wonderful to see!

Best Service Project Ever!

Guess what? We don’t work at all on Christmas! I’m going to Loma, to spend most of the day at the beach with Hermana Law, Hill, and all of them! Yay! I wish I was coming home!  Next Christmas I'll be almost home, I think I should get triple presents the next Christmas though. ;)

We taught a girl last night and one of the first things she said was, "I want to be baptized by water the right way." I was like, perfect well we are preparing a baptism for the 9th of January, and she was like sign me up! Ha-ha so cool .
 I love Christmas! :) Definitely not the same here :P but I did get to decorate two Christmas trees for service projects :) We asked if we could help them with anything and they said, "yes please decorate my tree", I was like yay!  I love Christmas time!

 In this picture of the yarn covered human, an object lesson de zona went wrong. He tried to jump onto the net, it was supposed to support him but... it didn’t: D funniest thing ever! Poor guy!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Party

I asked Shay what I should tell the ward, when I speak about her mission on the 27th.  This is her response:

 Tell them the secret to missionary work is work. Ha-ha it’s hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Guess I won’t be taking the full 10 mins. Lol!

Your week sounds so fun!!! It’s been raining lots here! :P the elders baptized an 89 year old lady named "Lady" on Saturday it was cool. These pictures are from the mission Christmas party, it was so fun! I looove Hermana Bluth, she’s great! She calls me "my cowgirl" every time she sees me which is often, since I’m so close :D  Mom they had GRAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It literally doesn’t exist here! They made gravy for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in heaven!

                                                          Hermana Bluth, her mission mom.

I miss you guys so much! Tomorrow two newbies are going to come stay with us until they get there trainers :) and I know them from the ccm! Woohoo Hemanas Lange and Neilson, they’re super great :) I like them a lot and one of them is going to be in my sector! Yay! Random side thought but Afton Law is like my best bud here: D I hope were comps some day!
I’ll always be smiling I like it much more than the other option, I’m in a different country with people I never met before, might as well laugh! I’m much more pleasant that way :D

 Mataya darling! What did you sing? I sing in people’s houses it's super weird. My companion is like "hi can we sing for you?" and they’re like, "yeah" and we sing and then turn friendly chit chat into the restoration, it’s kind of epic. Super random things can connect to the gospel. I’m so excited to call you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet you did awesome! 
The branding pic is super cool! Wish I was there :)  Hermana law and I were walking out of the Christmas activity and something with cow crap was around there. We both inhaled deeply, ahh that smells more like home, and then we started laughing because we smelled cow pies and thought it was delightful! My comp fell asleep in the wrong room, on the wrong bunk the other night, ha-ha I took a picture before I woke her up. I was in the shower and she was going to change the sheets or something, I’m not sure.  She didn’t quite make it! It’s crazy how tired we are :P definitely the prayers are working because at this stage I would be asleep or incoherent :) but I’m still smiling and happy!
Hermana Nelson, Hill, and Ricagno

Look what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My companion is tempting me to open it, but I’m waiting until Christmas! 
Look at the tree in the back, it has Christmas decorations. That wouldn't last very long here with our wind.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Two Months Out!

I am assuming this is part of what Shaylee wrote her mission president before writing us I don't know it's all Spanish to me! I also assume the paragraph after is the translation? Sister Amy Wright let me know if I'm right in  my assumption.
I sent her a picture of Riley and Rod cutting up their deer.
Her email this week was short and sweet.

 stoy muy contente con la vida missional ahora, despues reciebiendo plantillas de hermana balden, ella es un angel. :) tuve un momento muy rado ayer, olvido todo de mi espaƱol :P solo para cerca de diez minutos durante un leccion con un converso recidente. esta bien ahora, porque yo recuerdo todo :D estoy feliz porque de esta. lo siento para mi spelling :)


 We had a miracle this week, a contact called yesterday morning and asked if she could attend church with us, and when was the meeting! When we went to pick her up, she had her brother with her. We have a visit with them tonight and Thursday and they want to come to church again next week, they loved it!!!!!!!! so cool :) Natalia and Diego :) it was so cool!!!!

 My comp about threw up with the deer pictures ha-ha. I’m realizing as squeamish as I am I’m not that bad ha-ha.
Yeah the Christmas tree is scary it’s 11 at night after a loong day :) and I woke up to that on the mirror :) I’m so excited for Christmas!!!


                                         Today is my two month mark :) 

Hermana Rich and Hill cooking banana pancakes for the sisters conference :) they were yummy :D 
 I went on splits again this week with Hermana Burnham, she twisted her ankle really bad so this is a pic of us on our way to Concepcion to go to the hospital, we were in San Juana. She is going home on Tuesday :) lucky ducky :)