Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas in Chile, isn't so chilly.

When we talked to Shaylee Christmas day it was a whoppin' 35 degrees and 100% humidity, and minus 20 degrees here. We showed her companion what a white Christmas looks like and how you can see your breath in the cold air, I wish we would have recorded her shocked expression.
 Shaylee LOVES Christmas and sent a ton of pictures, and not much letter. Guess she figured we just talked a few days ago.
Sisters Christmas morning
Christmas Presents

Letter from the young women

Mataya's Christmas gift to Shaylee, funny girl!

Christmas dinner at Elder and Sister Lee's
 Necklace Natalya (investigator) made for her.
 I think the blue and green box in the background really brings out her eyes. LOL!
 Not looking very Christmasy outside

Our companionship has been waaay better since Christmas too because my companion would get a little annoyed because I talk about my family so much. She said, "you know, our families are really different,” After talking to you guys  she now understands why I need you all so much. She said for me to be here, is like giving 200 percent of me, just to be gone from you all. Which is totally true. You are my strength, literally! I’m seriously still just floating from how happy I am that I got to talk to you guys! To see you was heavenly! and my comp. was eavesdropping when I told you about how I post this quote above my bed to keep me motivated, stole a pic from me and made this for above my bed :D she is an animator :D Love her so much!
Love shay

Hermana Ricagno you are amazing!

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