Monday, 21 November 2016

Preachin in Pants

Pres. May says he will drive down to my sector so I can use church wifi to skype you guys at Christmas, so I can have a good connection so I can see and talk to Riley. We can talk for 40 minutes. :P 

Yeah, almost no one did their pre mission stuff that I know... honestly make him watch dad’s sales training videos as well, ha-ha, he´ll be glad he did. Make sure he takes a teeny tiny quad set of scriptures, his back will thank him. Those mini cute individual scripture books would work too. My dream is that those existed in Spanish. He’ll have to carry enough big, heavy stuff around. 

 This morning I woke up with a crazy head cold, I got an ear infection after the conference on Friday. The conference was from 10-6, it was so cool :D Hna Ricagno and I went for our last intercambio, and get this, it was exactly 1 year from the day she picked me up in Concèpcion at the beginning of my time in Chile. :D How crazy is that!  I was like whoa.... she planned that one good, ha-ha!  We went to get x-rays, then off to licanrye and it was fun :D After so much time apart, we teach pretty amazingly together I must say. We can just read each other’s mind.  Before bed we made popcorn and covered it in syrup, it was heavenly. :D  
I’m really glad Pres. planned another emergency conference with Elder Bragg, from the area seventy next week :D I get to see Hna Ricagno one last time :D We will definitely be going to Argentina to visit her when we come back to Chile with the family.


 Hna Mercau and I have been shocking people with our pants all week :D its sooo fun to see people’s reactions :D we’ve gotten some good ones ha-ha :D

                                                 The socks and flip flops look good. Lol!


My foot has not been so happy :P  I had an ultrasound on it Thursday, to see if I had plantar fasciitis I knew it wasn't, but did doc listen? No! Haha They did find a benign tumor near my heal. :P They said it is made out of fat tissue supposedly. That could be a part of it I guess if it’s pushing on a nerve or something. I still think they’re dislocated again, everything feels the exact same as before :P Oh well. I’ll get it figured out.

Next week on the 24 the new Christmas video of the church comes out, its sooo cool :D ilumina al mundo :D yay! New pass-along cards and everything :D

Oh and also I didn’t feel the earthquake this morning, here if it’s below 6.8 it’s called a tremor ha-ha, above 7 they might call it an earthquake.  If there is one, all of the church buildings are extremely earthquake safe.  I heard they don’t even move ha-ha :D 



Sunday, 20 November 2016

Riley's Mission Call

Thanks for telling me my hair looks great :D  It's past my waist now, and its always in a pony tail.  Honestly... I’m thinking about bleaching the ends and flame tipping it purple and blue till I get bored, then cutting it all off :D  
 I’m kind of crying my eyes out about Riley. I’m so excited for him, I really am :D  I’m just sad, it's going to be a long 3 and a half years.  
 Oh no, tears are back, the radio just turned to photograph, that song Riley’s always playin. 😭 I’ll be fine don’t worry!  conceal it, don’t feel it, put on a show, make one wrong move and everyone will know.  Unless riley postpones his call or I come home early 😎 mwahaha. Honestly this is killing me slowly.
 I’m studying humility right now.... pushing myself to get the light back, ha-ha.  I started feeling like I was in a rut, cause when your training it’s a constant battle, everything feels so monotonous now :P ha-ha, especially since Goulding’s sassiness ha-ha. Never thought I would miss occasional back talking ha-ha (it was all in good humor)
 I did get called to be a YW teacher :D yay! I love it so much ha-ha we’ve done 1 activity and 1 lesson I love YW’s :D
The Hnas conference was fantastic :D I loved every second of it :D  They had gravy!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died of happiness :D  The last time I had gravy was last Christmas :D yay! I love gravy :D  We learned about D&C 25, it was so cool, also lots of talks based from talks by Pres. Hinckley :D  Hna May was all so, "pants are not required ladies, don’t worry, you don’t have to wear them, it's not mandatory", so I raised my hand and asked if we can wear them if we want to :D  She said yes, if my comp wears them at the same time :D  So after this, were going to go buy pants :D yay!!!! por fin! woohoo :D I’m so excited :D I'll definitely be sending pics :D

This group pic is our mission family tree, we're only missing Galdino :D 

Ricagno trained me, and Bazaes, Bazaes is training the gringa Hna Saunders, Hna between Bazaes and Ricagno is Fres, she finished Bazaes training, and I trained Poyfair and Goulding and the girl beside Goulding is Hna Rico who started her training she’s from Spain :D I want her accent ha-ha
     Poyfair, and Goulding heading in for the cake ha-ha 

 I did my first split yesterday :D  I went with Maria Jose, we did a rescate rescue of all the menos activos close to the Capilla, it was fun :D 

I wicked miss Soledad ha-ha.  I wrote her a letter,
 which was good because Goulding told me she went into a mini depression when I left, which is not cool at all. :P I hope she’s going to be ok :D 

 This Wednesday I have doc appointment for my foot, but it looks too good since being transferred to my new area, ha-ha.  Maybe pray it turns back purple just for Wednesday? 

We have a zone conference with Ricagno, Poyfair, and Goulding again on Friday :D I’m so stoked! Yay!!!! It might be the last time I see Ricagno :( till I go visit her in Argentina :D  I’ll go pick amber up ha-ha

Riley wrote:
So I got my call Wednesday!! You ready to know where ?!?!
I'm am called to serve in the........... Canada........ Winnipeg mission haha 🤔🤗
I'm goin to the Provo MTC feb 15 2017.... so I'll miss you by 2 months😬
You know you can call the mission department and postpone your call by one or two transfers, and you’ll only be put back 6 weeks or 12 weeks if you ask for two transfers, people do it all the time. Because honestly, I don’t know if I can do this if you’re not going to be at home at least for a day when I get home. They almost always issue the calls just based on the closest transfer to your availability date. If you talk to em soon it doesn’t even make a difference in the plans. 😭 I love you so much and if you don’t I might fill out my flights home to land in your sector. Ha-ha 
I’m so incredibly excited for you, it’s going to be so awesome :D with Morgan and Tanner :D :D 😂😅  You are awesome and I’m so proud of you :D I love you so much Riley :D You are going to be an amazing missionary :D
Love big sis, Shaylee

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Earthquake in Concepcion

It is a little nerve racking to open your email and see a letter from your missionary, not on their pday, with the subject EARTHQUAKE!

November 8, 2016
This morning at 2 am there was an earthquake in Concepcion..... We didn’t feel anything this far south, in Victoria :D but there’s supposed to be aftershocks coming now :P that should be fun :P contacting on the street during an earthquake. I think I’m going to stand in the park and call everyone to repentance and baptism by water and fire, it should be fun :D  I’m all good :D no worries :D  I bought more emergency stuff yesterday so truly no worries if a big one comes again, or if there’s a second earthquake that’s bigger and all, I’m prepared :D I’m craving a strawberry cheese quake blizzard with skor bits now ha-ha :D I’m going to head out to work :D
 I love you all so much!

There’s also volcanos close to here, and ocean. Whatever happens don’t worry :D I’m like Olaf, I’ll be fine :D

Love amazing Shaylee



Adopt a Granny

They have been having quite a few earthquakes the last few weeks in northern Chile. I asked her if she ever felt any after shocks.
I’ve been blessed all of the members I talk to about earthquakes are surprised that we haven’t experienced one yet. There haven't been any down here for a while :D I’m to far down to feel the aftershocks ha-ha :D yay!
The Concepcion temple is a medium sized one...I believe :D it’s bigger than then the Santiago temple :D it should be done in a couple years.   

 I called Maria today, she says Goulding’s getting around roughly. She’s on number 3 of the five shot series for rabies. Poor girl, but it’s a fantastic story :D
It's agonizing waiting for Riley’s call!

I finally got a hold of Margaret, she cried when she heard me talk. She’s having a rough time, but she said she’s going to be good now. Wish I could be there to help her.
This week was interesting... we have run into many a drunk.

Hello Kitty toilet paper?!

                                       View from her window


I have an official favorite member here her name is Maria Jose, she’s so cute. She wants to come with us every Sunday afternoon. She thinks it’s going to help her keep the Sabbath day holy. Her hubby will probably come along. Yesterday we all went out, it was really fun. We found a 90 yr. old lady who is taking care of her handicapped daughter, still poor lady. She cried while she talked and we sang her a himno, she was so happy to hear the word of God. :) So sweet. We're planning to do an adopt a granny with this old lady, she needs company, and a maid :D 
 I have kind of started taking over the personal progress part of YW here in the branch, supposedly we're allowed to have callings in the branches and I think they’re going to call me and my comp to help in the yw :D it would be so fun, I love it so much :D

I’m really excited for the sisters conference this Wednesday with Hna May :D  I get to see Goulding, Poyfair, Ricagno, and Bazaes all at once :D 
                          I found these pictures on her mission presidents FB page.

 I can't wait to go the temple again :D I opened my last pair of new garments this week and I just took a minute to remember the temple... I miss it so much.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Transfered to Victoria

I told Shaylee she had many people fasting and praying for her last Sunday, you are the people she calls her cheering section.
Ha-ha my cheering section got me sent to the smallest sector in the mission I’m sure. I’m feeling a little trapped after being in Maquehue. (one of the largest areas) It’s a tiny pueblito (village) and the branch is even tinier. They just split the branch in 2/3 & 1/3 and I’m in the 1/3 sector :P I’m going nuts, but on the other hand I only have to take one 15 minute break during the day to rest my foot. :D Way less walking here.

Saying bye to Goulding was sooo hard :( I miss her lots that’s the lame part of cambios(transfers) you really learn to love people then chao no mas (you see them no more). I’ll admit it made the change a lot easier when Ricagno called just to see how I was doing, love being able to communicate with her. She told me we are going to have a 3 zone Hna’s conference with Hna May (mission Prez wife) on the 9th :D that means I get to see her, Bazaes, Saunders, Goulding and Poyfair all at once :D :D :D :D yay!!!!!!!!!!

 My comp was born here in Chile, but was raised mostly in the states, and partly in Ontario, then she went off to Argentina. She’s cute, is a little different, but we get along good. She’s really sweet. I’m more used to sassy after Goulding, but sweets good too :D

  We had a district costume party since Halloween is frowned upon here, it was fun. I just let my hair down for the first time in forever and everyone called me princess so that worked. The first thing every member always asks in every sector is if I dance ballet and then soon they start calling me princessa :D I’m not complaining ha-ha :D

 Elder Rueda my second district leader is my zone leader now, he was my district leader when I was with Ricagno and he about fell over when I announced my time in the mission to the zone during the introduce yourself part of the meeting. ha-ha He’s going home at the end of this cambio with Ricagno. My district leader is kind of mean. I’m going to tell him to... ask him politely to lighten up on the interogations tonight, haha... well see if it helps :D We had 13 new investigators, and he was mad we didnt have a baptismal date in the church I was like, seriously? Bueno 

 Ha-ha one last Hna Goulding story.  Monday night we're going around hunting out investigators so we can explain cambios (transfers), and we stopped real fast so I could say bye to Alma. Last week they had picked Rufus (the dog) up off the street... yeah Rufus attacked us and almost got me, but that blessing I got when I was set apart really is real! I can’t tell you how many times a dogs jaws have almost closed around my ankle when I’m not paying attention, and by a miracle the dog has missed by a millimeter. Yeah I’m fine, Goulding got bit. We had to go to Soledad and Arminda´s house and they took us to the hospital. Goulding had to get the required rabies shots in her belly button. Ha-ha poor girl, I felt so bad but I also laughed... oops :D It’s all good she understood, we know each other really well after 3 months of 24/7.
I found this train on the way here to the cyber (where they write emails) :D

 I live with Hna Salles from Argentina and Hna Vasquez from Peru as well as my comp. 

Oh the house is made of wood, so I freeze every night. It's super extreme temperatures here.
 I lost my gray cardigan yesterday :( that was lame. If you can pray someone’ll find it and use it to accept us missionaries that’d be sweet. 

Love you all!