Sunday, 28 August 2016

Llaima Volcano

 We had a super crazy week, but fun week. :D  Hna Ricagno gave me a super yummy chocolate almond bar :) I love those things :D Hna Vazaees wrote me a cute note :) Elder Carroll my district leader brought bcream filled buns and lemon pie on Tuesday :)

I sent her some chocolate peppermint tea for her birthday, it is fantastic with frothed milk. Glad she likes it.
 I have drank sooooo much tea this week I LOOOOOOVE it :)

The members kept forgetting we had  lunch appointments and would not answer their phones this week.  Sunday (also sin lunch) we had 3 investigators in the church yesterday. Maria, 75yrs old is going to be baptized on the 10th of Sept,  Rodrigo and Cecilia  Maupuchan a couple that is not married so ley de castidad (law of chastity) lesson coming soon ;) We climbed through a tunnel and up a  muddy cliff to get to their house to wake them up for church because we didn’t have time to go the normal way :D Hna Goulding was a little concerned :D haha but they came didn’t they :D and I wonder why people think missionaries are weird :D
We invented many strange concoctions with our breakfast foods. :P

                                          This is green punch day :P 
My comp and I  really get along great! I love her we sing a lot! haha she wishes she was black :)


This morning I was on the side of an active volcano playing in my favorite substance, the snow!!!!!!!!! I love snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made snow forts :D my district was very pleased to have a REAL Canadian to help ha-ha so many jokes today crazy elders I had tons of fun we won the snowball fight :D I love snow :D
                 I love the cool cactus trees covered in snow :D

I love you all so much!

Love, Amazing Shaylee
The Llaima Volcano is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Chile. It is situated 82 km northeast of Temuco and 663 km southeast of Santiago, within the borders of Conguillío National Park.


Llaima is one of Chile's most active volcanoes and has frequent but moderate eruptions. Llaima’s activity has been documented since the 17th century, and consists of several separate episodes of moderate explosive eruptions with occasional lava flows. The last major eruption occurred in 1994.[3]
An eruption on January 1, 2008 forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from nearby villages. A column of smoke approximately 3000 m high was observed. An amateur caught the early eruption phase on video.[4] The volcanic ash expelled by Llaima travelled east over the Andes into Argentina. Ash fall was recorded in the area of Zapala, Neuquén Province, and forced the cancellation of flights to and from Presidente Perón Airport near the city of Neuquén.[5] On July 2, 2008, another eruption resulted in evacuation of 40 people from a 15 km exclusion zone.[6]
An eruption occurred on April 5, 2009, with pyroclastic flows, ash and lava seen on the slopes.


The ski center Las Araucarias lies on the volcano's western slopes.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

My birthday package arrived in time! Yay! I love it all! The shoes fit perfect and I love them so much! :D  The cupcake thingy is sooo cute! The shirts and the pants ;D I looooove it! 
Hna Ricagno just arrived yay! 
This morning I woke up super excited then I started to cry a little cause you guys aren’t here, then I pulled out my pics felt better, exercised, Hna Goulding comes in with a huge pile of pancakes and they were super yummy :D and we studied and I opened my package
Intercamnbio with Hna Kleinmann, she cool we had lots of fun but it was pouring rain and we never had time to go drop her bag off at the house, and her stuff got soaked, which is extra sad because she had a trainers manual for me in there ha-ha and her pajamas but we got it figured out in the end :D 

The internet is slow so I can’t send all the pics but know I looove my presents :D feels so weird to be twenty :D I’ll never grow up :D just so ya all know :D
Hna Vazaes just called to wish me happy birthday :D  Prez and Hna may called as well day- so nice of them :D

 I have the worlds nicest shoes now I just want to throw to the other ones :p they’re so gross ha-ha :D
Estoy dando cuenta (I'm realizing) that my hair is seriously blonde so I sent a pic of my highlights :D
 Today we cleaned, I took a nap, and we went to pizza hut :D  I ate half of  a medium pizza :D four seasons and ultimate nico :D we got two kinds :D yum!! I love pizza :D 

My compy is the best she’s fun yesterday we sang capella hymns for Pia Ruiz’s baptism a girl in the ward it was fun :D We found a 75 yr. old lady named Maria Eulogia who wants to be baptised this week she is cool, yes she is still sane :D Yay! I’m so happy right now I love my birthday just wish I was there with everyone :D soon soon :D 
Ha-ha during intercambio Hna Kleinman and I found a new investigator who was very, very open with us then we realized she was drunk hahaha explained a lot, but we know every one of her needs :D

I love you all so much ! Happy Birthday Momma!
I’m so grateful for our family :D and that we going to be together forever :D Yay!!!!!!

Love, Amazing Shaylee


There Is No Sacrifice Too Great For God’s Truth.

This is supposedly as cold as it gets :D I'm loving the rain...not! I’ve been extremely blessed, my sectors are the driest every time and they are usually the wettest ;D 
 We found a really cool couple named Jorge and Cecilia. They’re catholic and they want to listen to more because I surprised them with the knowledge I have of the bible, they’re going to read, pray and come to church this Sunday :D
Hna Ricagnos going to come Saturday and save me! ha-ha Yolanda (a lady we are teaching) needs help and she’s not understanding my accent ha-ha :D
My new comp is 5' 11" it's soooo weird to be looking up instead of down :D I’m finishing her training so the worlds all craziness but I love her to death. Her name is Raegan Fawn Goulding and she is a dancer and acupella singer, she dances hip hop, and likes gospel music you’d like her lots :D It’s been fun :D
           Our house mates from Argentina and Columbia :D  

Rod started sending Shaylee Mexican word of the day jokes when she was in the MTC and has done one each week of her mission. I'll have to have Rod send me the one she didn't get and post it for you.

 I don’t got this Mexi joke? Ha-ha oh well
Journey (your knee) you’re so Spanish now you don't even get the jokes! Haha
It's sad but true :D

 I just want you to know this church is true :D I see it every day so clearly. I’m to the point of tired I literally fall asleep if I don’t  move for more than 10 seconds and have no idea how I keep walking but I do because I know it’s true. There is no sacrifice too great for god’s truth. He will always help and support us. Our eternal family :D my comfort every moment, I’m so grateful we are going to be eternal :D
This week I walked everywhere. 2 or 3 hours of pure walking at least every day :P It was craziness :D 
 Yolanda was our only investigator that came to church this week, but that was ok because god has a plan for all the others too. We have a great week planned for this week :D We are so busy it’s insane those hours walking are literally running from one appointment to another. Please pray for Nelly and Pablo, Yolanda, Belen and Carlos, Cecilia, Jorge and Silvia, Juan, and Rodrigo that would be a big help and Diego and Leticia :D  Also pray for Margaret in San Pedro she broke her leg and couldn’t attend church for a month yikes! She went last week because the doc said she could  finally put some weight on it :D I was able to call her last week :D love that lady she’s cool :D  

Yesterday was my ten month mark- seven more fast Sundays left.


This is the cool Chilean thingy I bought, it’s so cute!
 I love you all so much!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bye Hermana Wright :(

I got soaked this week! ha-ha A member lent me an umbrella... as I couldn’t find one, it was freezing! :D We don't have furnaces in our apartment, I stay warm with a space heater :D Hna Hall left me her sleeping bag and I have army blankets so I’m good and warm. My wardrobe tripled! ha-ha Hna Hall left me all the stuff I like of hers, gotta love her :D 
I miss driving so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pres. sent out an email asking who has a drivers license so I have hope maybe autos???

This is Belen Matias and baby Lorenzo she’s like my cool aunt here and investigator :D 
                                BBQ with Nelly (investigator) Pablo (less active member)

                                                          Minguel, Felipe, and Yonaton

 Alicia Riquelme the Niña is Antonia and the teeny R.M. is Vanessa the dog is Kimba of whom I have fear.



My rain gear. One day I looked like the giant from Princess Bride ha-ha it’s amazing what I’ll wear to keep dry.
                                                                   On the bus
                         Hna Wright overlooking the poorer sector :D 
  I’m going to be training again, finishing the training that is :D Hna Golden is her name :D I’ll be living with three new sisters :D  Hna Peñas going to be Hermanita Galdinos compy :D and Hna Wright is heading into the lion’s den with a difficult comp from Bolivia, poor girl. She is strong she’ll be fine

 Yolanda our investigator who can’t read but has a real talent for baking ;D she’s super sweet she made us apple kuchen for Hna Wrights departure :D delicious!

Christmas in July

 I’m starting to make Hna Ricagno her "trunky" agenda. I’m panicking a little, she goes home December 6th :P 
 I wear the muck boots all day every day. They have paid for themselves for sure ha-ha. My umbrella broke, I've got to find a new one. It’s been very bitter cold here :P  I’m not sure if winter or summer is worse ha-ha They are so incredibly extreme! Fall and spring are perfect though ;D
I did get the pants you sent, but I would be the only sister wearing pants. The hna's are shamed and call me feminist ha-ha! I have to wait 1 1/2 more weeks to wear them because pres. wants to check something in his first meeting with area seventy before he has one solo sister missionary in Chile running around in pants. I gave him a list... a looong list of why it’s a great idea. :D Hna Wright thinks were going to get transferred next Monday because she can’t preach with me in pants ha-ha :D traditionalist :D
We had a Christmas in July zone activity this morning we had a house against house gingerbread house making contest. I designed and led ours :D They called in a random person from the sidewalk to judge and we won! Please enjoy these photos of the Nelson family ranch as Hna Hall dubbed it :D The thing beside our house is Hna Penas tractor :D

It was fun. Afterwards we went to Jacks for a burger. :D 

It’s been a good week ;D