Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Herminie and Roberto

The 18th one of our investigators drank coffee, so we had to postpone baptism. But we had two other baptisms this week :D Herminie was baptized and so was Roberto :D it was really awesome :D

This morning our zone watched “Ephraim’s Rescue” and it was so crazy! I got so mad when the one chicky dies it was like nooooooooooooo!!!It’s been way to long since I’ve watched a movie besides the restoration, or the testaments. It was so funny because there’s a part where a couple kisses and its was 20 missionaries of their own free will covering their own eyes ha-ha! You could just here a gasp and a no! I just balled thinking of how much Riley loves that movie, the main character reminded me of him. The mom of the other dude Thomas reminded me of you, mom.

 Yesterday we finally found new people to teach, we heard a panicky thing happening and found a ladder against the bars around someone’s house, a little girl on the ladder and a mom and her kids trying to coax the child off the ladder. She, the kid had been left home alone, and decided to go water the plants. She’s six and didn’t think to bring the keys out with her, the door shut, and she got locked out of the house. When the neighbor got home her kids told her the little girl had been there for hours waiting for her parents to get home. So we helped rescue her :D It was fun. We have an appointment to go back soon :D The girls name is Ximena :D We also got into another house because I said we wanted to play a game of genius with them :D then I pulled out my nail and pop bottle game, it was so fun :D The family is cool, and the parents are married!!!

I’m just really wanting to use every precious second I have as a missionary to the fullest. I feel so useless sometimes, nothing that we do makes any difference if the lord wants it to happen it happens and if no, there we are waiting. But I know that everything happens for a reason and I am grateful to have been able to help so many people come closer to Christ already. I hope I can do more and help people repent. They really need it. I’m excited to be home and with you guys again. I’ll be there in seven weeks :D

Love amazing Shaylee
Shaylee sent pictures, but they were some strange file that won't load :(

Emotional Wreck!

This computer isn’t letting me open my pictures, I’m sorry!!!! Oh riley! I’m so mad at him still!!!!! I’ve been an emotional wreck the last month!! I was going to ask president to let me watch his setting apart from skype but my letters from the past said he wasn’t getting set apart till wednesdayish!!!! I’ll be home in eight weeks I don’t understand why he couldn’t wait for me! I’m so proud of him. I love him so much. I’m so glad he’s going, I’m just ticked he’s almost gone. Thankfully Joel sent me a recording of his talk. I’m sorry that was my rant. I have literally almost threw up when I gave my talk in church yesterday. I remembered he was about to give his farewell talk and it was so bad. Dorita, my doctora friend who helped me with my foot got crazy worried, and didn’t let me go to classes. She made me sit in the gym and drink chamomile tea. I was puky sick all day.  Sorry that was a very depressive letter.
Ok I’m calmed down a little, hit me a little hard that he is all gone… almost.

This morning we had a 4 zone conference to practice a song for the conference we are going to have with Elder Packer, son of Apostle Packer, ha-ha it was really cool. Mercau, Salles and Vasquez all showed up that was great, I really needed to see them. Nice to have people around who know you. ha-ha I was talking to Elder Putnam (from the CCM/MTC) after and he was saying how he realized all of us girls are heading home and he panicked a little says it’s all going to fast now!  I just told him he has no idea how fast it’s going. 8 weeks left. Craziness.
  Hermana Mercau also gave me back my bag full of games that Elder Carroll had made me this morning. I'd left them at her apartment when I was transferred. I’m pretty stoked about having them back. I’m not very good at teaching menos activos, but that’s ok. I rock at the attention deficit disordered investigators! :D
 My comp had part two of her root canal this week so we got trapped in the apartment for quite a while. Could you ask dad if he has any advice for the last part of one’s mission? I feel a little lost. Every member who asks how much time I have left just whistles and looks pityingly at me whenever I say 16 meses. :P I’ve tried saying about a year or stuff like that and my comp always corrects me. It’s so awkward when they start talking about missionaries who lose all desire to work before they finish the mission and stuff. :P  I have not and will not lose my desire to finish strong.

                                          Comp after root canal

                                               At zone conference

                                              Horse meat shop

Who's Been Smoking in My Bedroom?

My new area is huge, nothing like Maquehue, maybe a third the size of it.  I really like it. The members are super cool, and Sunday there were some visitors from Maquehue and San Pedro and they all remembered me :D The girl from Maquehue, Pia, was visiting her brother who used to live in Maquehue, but now lives in my ward as he married Fernanda who lives in my ward :D He was so excited when he saw me, they said everyone thinks I’m unpacked and settled into my house already ha-ha. They all think I have more time than I do. :D 
 Oh! Soledad is in the mtc!!!!! She went in on Tuesday, the day I got to Temuco :P so fun :D I need to find her email.

                                   Bracelet and letter from Soledad


A lil girl in this ward named Caroline thinks I’m a princess, she is 100 percent convinced. She gifted me this bracelet that she made, she also took apart my hair and rebraided in a fishtail over my shoulder and I must say it looked way better than the simple braid I had done. She’s 7 and totally adorable. She wants to be a hairstylist, she should be she’s reeally good :D 

 If you could put the names Ruben Haunstein and Camila in the temple it would be great, Camila stopped us in the street and asked that we pray for her boyfriend of 5 yrs. Ruben, he was in an accident a month ago and is in and out of a coma. She’s going to start meeting with the missionaries too. :D 

On Friday we had a fiasco :D we came home from a service project and I went to the bathroom and Hna Aros went to our room, I had the fan on (one of those annoying light fan together things) and I hear something about person and house.. I was like I can’t hear you, and I could just hear insistent sounds so I came out and there was a cigarette in our bedroom We looked at it, grabbed the keys and shoes and ran out the door. Then we called the Myler’s and Hermana Clark and Hermana Lange, someone had entered our apartment and smoked in our bedroom. So we got the locks changed and extra security. Thing is we already live in the safest apartments in the entire mission I’m pretty sure. It’s pretty ritzy. 180 flip from the falling apart house in Victoria. Hna Lange thinks someone is trying to mess with our minds because they didn’t steal anything. Hna Clark had a stack of 100 dollars American and I had my old camera on my bed. There was nothing just that saturated smell and the cigarette. The Myler’s came and checked the house we didn’t go in till they gave us the clear. So that was craziness. Pero Bueno. We also found this really cool set of sisters who want to be baptized on the 18 so if you could pray for Nury and Escarlet that would be cool :D We asked Escarlet to pray, in the prayer she thanked god for sending two fantastic missionaries to teach them this guide that they needed, and thanked god for the message and that she was casi sure it is true already :D so cool :D the missions a neat place.

Love amazing Shaylee






My Cold Canadian Heart

The fires are unnatural and one was about 20 minutes from me, but thankfully the firefighters didn’t wait for orders, they disobeyed and just went and killed it. : D The mission had to evacuate several sectors of missionaries :P  People are actually setting the forests on fire. They’ve found lots of different people in the act. 

                      Trying not to breath in the nasty smoke

         Some of the elder's leaving their smokey house a 2am.

I reeeeaLLY miss winter I think my first child will be named snow. Ha-ha 
It’s been 37 degreesish every day!!!!! My cold Canadian heart is melting!!!!

We had the most fantastic week ever!!!!!!  We had my second worldwide missionary conference with the general authorities, and they changed all of the rules! We get to pick our own schedules!  Two extra hours on p-day! Only four indicators key! New investigators, people in church and people with date and baptism :D seriously it sounds small but it changes everything!The people who go home won’t be so weird now ha-ha: D Elder David Bednar says the lord needs servants who know how to use their agency :D 

I also finished reading the book of Joshua in the bible and it was really good :D 

The ketchup mustard on Hna Silva’s hand is my art project while we waited for our food between parts of our conference of missionaries :D 
1.5 yrs in the mission, even though the sign is for marriage anniversary.

 We also had an intercambio and I went with Hermana Larsen, I love her so much :D she is an avid moose fan ha-ha  I love her to death. it’s been a really long time since I had an intercambio with that much fun, instant trust and miracles :D for example we found a guy carrying a big roll of carpet down the street so we offered to help he said yes and as we helped we found he too had been fired on false charges 5 minutes earlier and he took us as sign that god is giving him some time to put his life in order :D he went to church on Sunday and is now an investigator of the elders. We were able to help convinced another lady that Joseph Smith is a prophet after months of her not believing it, and I recognized several people from my intercamios over there with Hna Ricagno :D 


           Below we have Romina my new fave member, we did splits :D

                      My apartment building tortures me with a pool ;) 

                                   View from her window

Yeah but Hna Larsen and me had a great time and I learned so much!!!!! It was great :D 


Hna Aros has had a molar ache for a long time so we spent most of today in the dentist.

We were at lunch with a member when her drug addicted son showed up we were talking about talents, he started critizing Hna Lange’s copper jewelry (Chilean made) and when she challenged him on it he brought out tons of crazy cool craft stuff he makes!!!!! It was so cool and he was right his way better than most street vendors. He gifted us all a flower book mark all of them unique, but he only had 3 so he leaves and comes out a minute later with a coil of wire and made me one right there it was so cool!

I’m just about as far south in the mission as it gets. I’m only 40 min north of my old sector :) I’m super safe no worries :D I looked in my journals and found out I haven't used English scriptures since Nov 28, 2015 ha-ha :D Do you have any advice on what to do near the end of the mission? I’m kinda freaking out sometimes. I'm definitely working as hard as always in every moment :D 

Love amazing Shaylee

Chile's on Fire

Hi momma :D so all of Chile is on fire and they told us we needed to write to you all and tell you we are safe :D I’m safe and sound :D We're dying of heat because it’s been 37 degrees for the last 3 days. I love you all so much and no worries we are all going to be fine :D

 Love Amazing Shaylee