Wednesday, 11 January 2017


We went to Completos and Natural Juice with Carolina.  In the last pic, Salles made the Argentina flag with the plates ;)

Argentina flag
I cut Hna Salle’s hair :D it turned out pretty decent I think :D much better than before. It came out a lil shorter than we were hoping, but she told me to go for it she wanted it fixed so it could grow out evenly... it was atrocious. Literal extreme zigzags. :P now Hna Vazquez wants me to cut about ten inch off of her hair :D should be fun :D

Yesterday I got yet another health blessing from Elder Sandoval and Elder Camp... I literally hadn’t slept since the 24 of December.... I almost fell over a few times while we were out and about, and my comp made me call them. It was cool, because while Elder Camp was talking, I felt like a battery getting recharged piece by piece.  Afterwards I wasn’t even sleepy, last night I slept most of the night so I am feeling great today :D
Tell Riley, the elders show up covered in dirt all over their white shirts pretty much all the time. Every white shirt has a stain where children have attacked them. Ha-ha  The other day I arrived at home covered in dirt too, from cleaning up the graveyard. All over my white dress. The day before, I got home covered in dog hair, it’s always like that. Clean doesn’t exist in the mission, just messily well dressed.

This morning we went to Temuco again :P my comp had a Dr. appointment.  
                                       I made a new friend.
                                              Us on the bus. 

                                  The Dr. and her daughter

Ha-ha, on Saturday we knocked doors and a lady opened, blinked, and grinned, you guys are Mormons right? We were like, um ya they call us that... and she throws the gate open come in!!!  We were so scared.
Ha-ha that never happens so I asked if she was a member, she was like nope! And ushered us in, it was probably the strangest thing that’s happened to me. We had a good lesson :D  We taught her and her mom. 

Monster truck guy Gabriel from last week, we went and taught him and he is so cool, just so happened to be his b-day so we gifted him the Book of Mormon and he was super excited :) he wants to be baptised if he gets an answer super cool guy :D 

Salles and Vasquez had a baptism. E. Camp and E. Sandoval as well :D

Our investigators are starting to make some progress and we are steadily finding new ones now :D blessings yay! 

Tea party lunch



Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Years Fiesta

We had 2 zone hna conference's in Temuco, it was super fun :D  


I feel like it’s been a really long week :) I wanna do skype again!!!!

 I know what you mean, the choices of just one person can change things so much.  Look at what Cain did, his parents knew and remembered not only the Savior, but the father too. All I know is that god is more merciful than we can imagine and he has a plan for my uncles.

 This week the preaching’s been a lil slow, but powerful as always. Everyone left on holidays it seems like, but I've still seen lots of miracles.  Like yesterday, there was NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! But we kept on knocking, and at 9:20pm we found this house with a monster truck outside, we knocked on it and I started a conversation about his truck, and then he invited us inside.  The guy lives alone so we set an appointment for Tuesday night, we’ll bring Carolina with us.

 This is our new year’s fiesta with Carolina :D ha-ha.  It was so fun, she’s crazy :D   She’s 23, and is  going to go on a mission as soon as she has been a member long enough to be able to go :D  


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Second Christmas in Chile

After talking to Riley, his blurry face was burned in my mind too. I could pretty much just see the outline of his features and his jaw twitching. I love him so much! I don’t know if ya all could see but I was bawling too.
So heart breaking to watch them say goodbye. Riley is leaving about 2 months before she gets home

 Ha-ha poor dad! Yeah... that’s my biggest problem with people understanding my Spanish, I talk too fast :)  Sacrament meeting... umm... yesterday after we skyped, we went to work and we found 4 new investigators who are super cool... Christmas miracle! :D  7 new investigators in one week, after 2 weeks without even 1 new one :D We also went to the maternity ward in the hospital and sang carols to the pregnant ladies, and made them cry. We went with all of the missionaries in the pic  :D

                        Christmas caroling in the park


                                                      Trimming trees





                                                              Tired comp

The blonde is Hna Curtis my Hno Cap now, and random guy is the last convert of Hna Ricagno, Herbert :D he’s cool! I got to teach him about temples :D
one of the pics below is a house we knocked on... nice place :D really nice people inside actually :) I just thought I’d draw attention to the part of the door handle being a shovel :D
  I love my new blue Nikon so much I have more pics than I can send..... so we’ll see how far through I can get :D 
 Yesterday and Christmas Eve were fantastic, but this morning I woke up feeling a lil low and down, until I spotted a gift that Pres y Hna May dropped off. I hadn’t been able to open it with our schedule, so I exercised then pulled it over and opened it. Right when I opened it I started to cry, I smelled a certain perfume I helped a certain favorite R.M. pick out, and saw my name written in a very familiar writing :D it was from Hna Ricagno!!!!! I was just bawling, it was a good thing everyone was downstairs! ha-ha :D they would’ve thought something was very wrong :D ha-ha, but there was a lovely letter with a lovely photo of us :D  and a new agenda freshly decorated :D a scarf with a whole lot of perfume on it ha-ha :D and a little notebook with some fancy written quotes about miracles, and a note to fill it with all of the miracles in the rest of my mission :D 
I just cried and cried ha-ha: D I was so happy :) turned my whole morning 180 degrees :D 

Also another Christmas miracle, I got 56 million pesos reimbursed this week :D yay :D 

 Also I was thinking about Mr. Adams this week.... how long do you think it’s been since he’s talked to missionaries?

Oh yeah I haven’t felt any earthquakes yet :)  Temuco and everywhere else in the mission you better believe they're feeling them, but I live in the foothills of about 4 volcanos so we don’t feel anything :D  If they decide to explode though, I’m in trouble :)  I might be feeling one this week there’s supposed to be some pretty big aftershocks coming :D and a second big earthquake. (They had a 7.7 earthquake Christmas Day). It's supposed to be like 2010 all over again? We’ll see. I’ll be fine don’t worry :D 

Love, Amazing Shaylee