Sunday, 1 January 2017

Second Christmas in Chile

After talking to Riley, his blurry face was burned in my mind too. I could pretty much just see the outline of his features and his jaw twitching. I love him so much! I don’t know if ya all could see but I was bawling too.
So heart breaking to watch them say goodbye. Riley is leaving about 2 months before she gets home

 Ha-ha poor dad! Yeah... that’s my biggest problem with people understanding my Spanish, I talk too fast :)  Sacrament meeting... umm... yesterday after we skyped, we went to work and we found 4 new investigators who are super cool... Christmas miracle! :D  7 new investigators in one week, after 2 weeks without even 1 new one :D We also went to the maternity ward in the hospital and sang carols to the pregnant ladies, and made them cry. We went with all of the missionaries in the pic  :D

                        Christmas caroling in the park


                                                      Trimming trees





                                                              Tired comp

The blonde is Hna Curtis my Hno Cap now, and random guy is the last convert of Hna Ricagno, Herbert :D he’s cool! I got to teach him about temples :D
one of the pics below is a house we knocked on... nice place :D really nice people inside actually :) I just thought I’d draw attention to the part of the door handle being a shovel :D
  I love my new blue Nikon so much I have more pics than I can send..... so we’ll see how far through I can get :D 
 Yesterday and Christmas Eve were fantastic, but this morning I woke up feeling a lil low and down, until I spotted a gift that Pres y Hna May dropped off. I hadn’t been able to open it with our schedule, so I exercised then pulled it over and opened it. Right when I opened it I started to cry, I smelled a certain perfume I helped a certain favorite R.M. pick out, and saw my name written in a very familiar writing :D it was from Hna Ricagno!!!!! I was just bawling, it was a good thing everyone was downstairs! ha-ha :D they would’ve thought something was very wrong :D ha-ha, but there was a lovely letter with a lovely photo of us :D  and a new agenda freshly decorated :D a scarf with a whole lot of perfume on it ha-ha :D and a little notebook with some fancy written quotes about miracles, and a note to fill it with all of the miracles in the rest of my mission :D 
I just cried and cried ha-ha: D I was so happy :) turned my whole morning 180 degrees :D 

Also another Christmas miracle, I got 56 million pesos reimbursed this week :D yay :D 

 Also I was thinking about Mr. Adams this week.... how long do you think it’s been since he’s talked to missionaries?

Oh yeah I haven’t felt any earthquakes yet :)  Temuco and everywhere else in the mission you better believe they're feeling them, but I live in the foothills of about 4 volcanos so we don’t feel anything :D  If they decide to explode though, I’m in trouble :)  I might be feeling one this week there’s supposed to be some pretty big aftershocks coming :D and a second big earthquake. (They had a 7.7 earthquake Christmas Day). It's supposed to be like 2010 all over again? We’ll see. I’ll be fine don’t worry :D 

Love, Amazing Shaylee


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