Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Years Fiesta

We had 2 zone hna conference's in Temuco, it was super fun :D  


I feel like it’s been a really long week :) I wanna do skype again!!!!

 I know what you mean, the choices of just one person can change things so much.  Look at what Cain did, his parents knew and remembered not only the Savior, but the father too. All I know is that god is more merciful than we can imagine and he has a plan for my uncles.

 This week the preaching’s been a lil slow, but powerful as always. Everyone left on holidays it seems like, but I've still seen lots of miracles.  Like yesterday, there was NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! But we kept on knocking, and at 9:20pm we found this house with a monster truck outside, we knocked on it and I started a conversation about his truck, and then he invited us inside.  The guy lives alone so we set an appointment for Tuesday night, we’ll bring Carolina with us.

 This is our new year’s fiesta with Carolina :D ha-ha.  It was so fun, she’s crazy :D   She’s 23, and is  going to go on a mission as soon as she has been a member long enough to be able to go :D  


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