Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Happy Birthday Aunt Letje and Crew! 
So this week was nuts :D 
Yesterday Jose, the oldest gangster boy, came to church on his own.  The bishop pulled him into a room in front of the baptismal font and five min later called us in to tell us he had an announcement for us, and Jose was like "I’m getting baptized on Saturday!" I started crying :D  it was epic, that kid had his heart changed :D
 I got transferred this morning :D I’m now the comp of Hna Wright from Oregan, she’s pretty gangster herself, calls me the Nels, and is a diehard One Direction fan ha-ha!  She turns 20 on Friday and just finished her training yesterday :D Today we are going to a restaurant to celebrate Hna Wright’s birthday cause we live in the same house. She is one of the sisters I have been living with since I was last transferred. ha-ha I’m just changing bedrooms, cellphone, and investigators ha-ha :D so it’s going to be really weird.
Hna Ricagno is training again! That’s 2 little hermanitas now and she’s still the sister training leader, she’s a maquina (machine)ha-ha. 
 I found hibiscus flowers to eat :D they were actually really yummy :D whoohoo! :D I’m seriously just so grateful for you guys :D Also it is freezing at this moment :P
           I got a package from Kristy and the young women!

I love Andes mints! :D


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ward Talent Show

estamos bien aquí, encontramos un joven bueno contactando en frente de la iglesia en sábado con el obispo millar. :D el es bueno y vino a la iglesia :D yay! estamos veyendo milagros ;D oooh mama1 me hizo llorar! ( ha-ha wow sorry English is better right :D I’m so jealous I love Wendy Nelson!!! Ha-ha I wish I could have seen Taya dancing with Shelby in the 4-H auction :D I miss being in on the fun. :D I totally understand the schedule thing. I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow, and I wake up rolling out of my blanket’s :P  It’s going to be nice to sleep in once in a while. :D
Today we went to the only American Burger place in our misión its called Jack’s and it was heaven!!! Just after we got there an obviously gringo walks in and sat behind us, after he finished he came over to chat and he is an RM from this mission before the mission split, he is from Nashville so that was cool then he left and we waited for Hna Anunciacoa to finish her food (she slow)  we went to pay and our gringo friend already paid for us :D  We were like wow, there really are good people in the world! ha-ha it was so nice :D Hna Anuncianoa goes home on Sunday and she is freaking out ha-ha :D so we're just doing everything she wants to today.
We taught a lesson in English to a man named Jared from Regon and it was so hard!!!!!!!! Ha-ha the prayer about killed me. :D Then we had a talent show and let’s say the Latinos go all out on the talent shows, the relief society danced to single ladies, and they were good :D ha-ha we did a Dear Jane skit ha-ha I have a recording but it won’t send :( well, you’ll see it in the spring :D  and the misión nurse told me I have to eat more sugar ha-ha I guess I’m to healthy.
 I need to buy new shoes ha-ha mine are literally full of holes, is it possible for you to order online the ones I have and have them shipped directly here or no?
ha-ha now the Hna’s want to go get ice cream because we have extra money :D
                                         Shay and Hna Hill
                    Animalitas primary did jungle book for the talent show




Monday, 13 June 2016

Power of The Priesthood

My week has been crazy but good :D The new and exciting part is that we’re going to have new pres. in 6 weeks. We had to stop teaching the gangster boys, and we found a 17 yr. old girl named Carolina who is 8 months pregnant and has a baptism date set for about the same time as her due date, so that should be interesting! ha-ha she’s cool.
 I’m so glad Riley had a great time.  I got super sick on his birthday. Sunday I threw up and only got to go to sacrament, but I’m totally fine now. We had Bro Claudio come give me a blessing and he commanded the sickness to leave :D YAY! 
We had FHE or noche de hogar in our house and I provided brazo de reina (Queen's Arm) for our treat :D Hna Wright loved it!

 Hna Ricagno and I had an intercambio :D  Please don’t judge the pic, she was sick and it was waay early in the morning :D  She only has 4 cambios left! Yikes! We had so much fun, I cried a lot too. :) She sees right through me. She told me that, quite often people see someone they know that I’m like when they look at me (I think Shaylee was having a little trouble with her English here, not sure how to translate her Spanglish brain), but that I need to be humble enough to give them the chance to really see me because I’m amazing. Ha-ha and that the person least likely in the world to hurt me is my comp cause it’s exactly who God wants me with in this time of my life and I just cried. I love her so much :D she’s tired ha-ha you can always tell the older missionaries, they get TIRED beyond belief ha-ha, they’re super happy too. :D I’m happy :D 

If you look way in the back of the scenery, you will see a snowy peak, that is the active volcano :D It’s pretty. usually the missionaries take a trip up there every cambio but prez has forbidden it for our safety. :( So sad.

The other pict. is service we did for a recent convert of Hna Bentley named Juan he only has one leg :D he’s funny. 
Good old Juan, me and Hna Hall are best buds now :D helps we both drop the icebergs and talked it out :D

                                              Where I write you 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

La Hermanita (The Little Sister)

 I was having a really hard week and cambio. Ha-ha I’ll bet it shows in my pics there’s only a few. I take waay more pics when I’m happy :D but last night Hna Hall was finally sick of iceberging me and broke down and we had a nice long "let it all out" session at a bus stop. Ha-ha, helps no one here understands English. We both feel a lot better now and we had a lesson right after. Yonaton (14) decided he is going to start, and finish the Book of Mormon in 4 weeks, before Hna Hall does. Should be interesting, I told him there are wars, and hunting, and lots of crazy stuff in there :D We also had a successful companion study this morning and picked a comp scripture explaining how we live after the manner of happiness. :D we're working together now. YAY!!!! It made such a big difference already :D
 The gangsters are not getting baptized this week because they skipped church for fùtbol again >:( bad gangsters!
I had an intercambio with Hna Gladino la hermanita :D and I really loved it! She left me a note that said she knows we were buddies in the preexistence and I totally believe it :D She is soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun :D I loved it :D and I’m hoping in my intercambio tomorrow I’ll get to go with Ricagno, it would be so fun!
                                         Shay and Hna Gladino
Rod took this picture in an area he was knockin' last week and sent it to Shay.
Her response:
Hey looks like you’re in Chile ;D it’s pretty funny when I look at that picture and go, wow nice house! hahaha yikes.
Last night we were with the gangster kids and Hna Hall’s eye contact slipped so she just took it out, they were like what is THAT? They had never seen one before, or heard of one, their dad either. I was like yep different world here.
This scripture is amazing I love it, another reason I’m here in the misiòn :D See if you can figure out what it is :D 
                   Sister Amy Wright what scripture is this? I'm to lazy to type it into google translate.

  We made waffles for the missionaries last Saturday.
 I would die of happiness if someone made me waffles, seriously!
We went to a place called San Ramon this week and Hma Hall wants to start a branch there ha-ha, we’ll see.
  I’m enjoying being here, but I am so excited to hug you all again!

Love amazing Shaylee