Monday, 13 June 2016

Power of The Priesthood

My week has been crazy but good :D The new and exciting part is that we’re going to have new pres. in 6 weeks. We had to stop teaching the gangster boys, and we found a 17 yr. old girl named Carolina who is 8 months pregnant and has a baptism date set for about the same time as her due date, so that should be interesting! ha-ha she’s cool.
 I’m so glad Riley had a great time.  I got super sick on his birthday. Sunday I threw up and only got to go to sacrament, but I’m totally fine now. We had Bro Claudio come give me a blessing and he commanded the sickness to leave :D YAY! 
We had FHE or noche de hogar in our house and I provided brazo de reina (Queen's Arm) for our treat :D Hna Wright loved it!

 Hna Ricagno and I had an intercambio :D  Please don’t judge the pic, she was sick and it was waay early in the morning :D  She only has 4 cambios left! Yikes! We had so much fun, I cried a lot too. :) She sees right through me. She told me that, quite often people see someone they know that I’m like when they look at me (I think Shaylee was having a little trouble with her English here, not sure how to translate her Spanglish brain), but that I need to be humble enough to give them the chance to really see me because I’m amazing. Ha-ha and that the person least likely in the world to hurt me is my comp cause it’s exactly who God wants me with in this time of my life and I just cried. I love her so much :D she’s tired ha-ha you can always tell the older missionaries, they get TIRED beyond belief ha-ha, they’re super happy too. :D I’m happy :D 

If you look way in the back of the scenery, you will see a snowy peak, that is the active volcano :D It’s pretty. usually the missionaries take a trip up there every cambio but prez has forbidden it for our safety. :( So sad.

The other pict. is service we did for a recent convert of Hna Bentley named Juan he only has one leg :D he’s funny. 
Good old Juan, me and Hna Hall are best buds now :D helps we both drop the icebergs and talked it out :D

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