Saturday, 4 June 2016

La Hermanita (The Little Sister)

 I was having a really hard week and cambio. Ha-ha I’ll bet it shows in my pics there’s only a few. I take waay more pics when I’m happy :D but last night Hna Hall was finally sick of iceberging me and broke down and we had a nice long "let it all out" session at a bus stop. Ha-ha, helps no one here understands English. We both feel a lot better now and we had a lesson right after. Yonaton (14) decided he is going to start, and finish the Book of Mormon in 4 weeks, before Hna Hall does. Should be interesting, I told him there are wars, and hunting, and lots of crazy stuff in there :D We also had a successful companion study this morning and picked a comp scripture explaining how we live after the manner of happiness. :D we're working together now. YAY!!!! It made such a big difference already :D
 The gangsters are not getting baptized this week because they skipped church for fùtbol again >:( bad gangsters!
I had an intercambio with Hna Gladino la hermanita :D and I really loved it! She left me a note that said she knows we were buddies in the preexistence and I totally believe it :D She is soo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun :D I loved it :D and I’m hoping in my intercambio tomorrow I’ll get to go with Ricagno, it would be so fun!
                                         Shay and Hna Gladino
Rod took this picture in an area he was knockin' last week and sent it to Shay.
Her response:
Hey looks like you’re in Chile ;D it’s pretty funny when I look at that picture and go, wow nice house! hahaha yikes.
Last night we were with the gangster kids and Hna Hall’s eye contact slipped so she just took it out, they were like what is THAT? They had never seen one before, or heard of one, their dad either. I was like yep different world here.
This scripture is amazing I love it, another reason I’m here in the misiòn :D See if you can figure out what it is :D 
                   Sister Amy Wright what scripture is this? I'm to lazy to type it into google translate.

  We made waffles for the missionaries last Saturday.
 I would die of happiness if someone made me waffles, seriously!
We went to a place called San Ramon this week and Hma Hall wants to start a branch there ha-ha, we’ll see.
  I’m enjoying being here, but I am so excited to hug you all again!

Love amazing Shaylee

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  1. Danny says the scriptures 1Nephi 8:12
    about the tree of life...partaking and being filled with exceedingly great joy and wanting his family to partake also