Monday, 25 April 2016

Hard Week.

 It was a hard week, just thinking about dad leaving and having our family spread out even more just about did me in, I’ve been praying a lot.  I also got sick, and we had a lame week. The nurse told me I had to stay in until my fever went away. Then we kind of a had a scare with something in our apartment. The elders came and dedicated it and we slept in the caps house for a night and everything’s all good again. I promise :D I’m super sensitive to that stuff here more than ever :D ha-ha you have no idea how many people let us in cause they think were testigos (google translate says it means witnesses. I am not sure what kind of trouble, but I will hopefully get the full scoop next week when I ask her about it) ha-ha, Margaret for example :D speaking of Margaret I don’t know if I ever sent a pic of the bracelet she gave me when I left. It's silver and lápiz azuelí :D super expensive here. She told me to wear it and never forget her, because she’s not going to forget me. I Love her. The other pic is what my companion did while I was sleeping ha-ha

Tomorrow we have an appointment to visit a man named Patricio his wife is a member but he’s not, free baptism casi ha-ha!

             Hma Poyfair made me a new agenda while I was sick. I love it!

                             We had a kinder surprise FHE Monday night
I found Cheetos in the store today!!!! They don’t taste the same but they are crunchy!

                    Hma Poyfair filled Shay's camera with selfies while she was sick, poor bored girl.



Chilean Beso

 I did get the world’s most wonderful, beautiful boots :D My casemate’s about died of jealousy, they call me quaka now, means rich girl ha-ha. It rained all week long and the boots arrived the day before the rain started :D I looove them and they fit perfect :D

HaHa! Tell Taya that I most definitely will demonstrate the Chilean beso (kissing on the cheek when you meet someone) when I get home. I used to come home from church and wash my face with soap while Hna Ricagno laughed at me.

It was a good, but wet week :D  We are hoping to find new investigators this week :D the lady we found when I was sick was traveling this past week, but gets back today.  We are going to visit her again tomorrow :D

                   We bought matching marshmallow winter coats :D 
A member gave us membrillos to snack on, we brought them home and made them into friends :D Hna Poyfair opened hers and it had a HUMUNGOUS WORM INSIDE with ant friends and ant eggs!!

The miracle! A woman I taught almost all of the lessons to without Hna Mendoza, cause she was sick, was baptized. I just feel so blessed that Titi was baptized, doesn’t she look radiant? She’s Benjamin’s mom’s friend :D I just love her! I’m so happy for her!


Monday, 11 April 2016

Dreadful Rain!

It rained all week and it was dreadful!!!! I got a cold, and received a blessing and then it was all ok. I went to work and it rained some more!!!! ha-ha, but in the blessing I was told that I was going to have EVEN MORE desire to serve, and work here, and EVEN MORE faith, with lots of emphasis on the "even more", during the blessing, and that I would... well it was Spanish, but translates as, go forth PREACHING god’s Word, and that I would walk showing signs to the people in my sectors.  I was like, ooohhh that’s cool!

 I’m definitely making myself understood :D The Chilean and Ecuadorian in my apartment are always correcting me, so I hope I’m improving :D
We found 6 new investigators this week :D  On the day I was really sick and got a blessing in the morning, the blessing told me to go out and work, so I did, and we found Verónica.  Yesterday we went to visit a menos activo named Javier Sanchez, we got there and his whole family was there! There was also 5 new people that live in the house with them. I was drawing a  blank on what to say, so I played the tie game with them, and we read 3rd Nephi 19: 18-19 or maybe it’s chap 20? about prayer, seriously you have no idea how often that game has saved my life!  We have an appointment to teach his 2 sisters, mom, grandpappy, cousin, and nieces it was crazy!!!!!!!!!

 I love you dad!

The other day we knocked on a door, this guy opens it and was like, ok you can teach me right here, you have 2 minutes cause I’m really busy but interested, I was like ok, and taught the restoration in under a minute.  We're going to go back sometime this week, hopefully he has more time ha-ha!
Yeah spunky is the perfect Word for My comp, she’s a super hard worker and I love her to death, we have lots of fun, its great, and super easy for us to get along :D
 We had to drop the man in the tent, he won’t stop drinking, and it’s dangerous to go teach a drunk who lives in a tent without a member and even with a member, so we, well I,  told him when he is sober to call us and we'll come teach him. :( 
This is a pic Hna Palmer (abuela) left for me before she went home, along with a giant nesquik cup :D it’s a family tradition, nesquik fixes everything they say :) (Mission genealogy, she has a whole new family out there! They even have traditions. Lol!)
We had an actividad de zona hoy and we got t-shirts, and they are uggglyy! But fun :) They say las for las Angeles Sur, but they added lasabor so it says the flavor. Never leave the elders in charge of anything is what I have learned ha-ha.
We played ninja, soccer, mafia, and had a BBQ :D it was fun!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Six Months Already!

 The apartment is small but pretty, and really, really nice :D We live with two Latinas. I love, love, love, my companion :D She’s so awesome, very  sweet with a little sass ha-ha!  I’m really happy :D I was super stressed, and then I got here and realized that oh, I really do speak Spanish :D  ha-ha the area is.... well it depends on where you’re at.  It’s pretty and I like it but it’s just a city :P There’s lots of people to talk with, so I’m happy! Our sector was just opened so we don’t have any real investigators just some lazy listeners.  I’m going to change that quick, no time for people who don’t want to act on this message, the mission is too short. It’s sad but very true.
I loved conference!!!! I watched women’s session in Spanish :D The rest of the sessions we watched in English so my comp could understand :D it was fantastic! There is something fabulous about hearing it in English, it just fills my heart so much more powerfully in my own language :D
 I agree, Dad is a wonderful man :D  We went to Lider, aka Walmart today and there was a little market outside and a lady was selling copper bracelets, I bought one cause it reminded me of dad :)  The lady said her husband makes them.  I bought it for 3 bucks, a little price difference from here and there, right! Pure copper, handmade, and it’s cute.
                                Shaylee's new comp, Hermana Poyfair.
Above, is bye to Rodrigo, and Tití and Martina, and Andréa and Benjamin, as far as I know Titi got baptized yesterday :D I get to call my converts once every 6 weeks, but everyone else nope. I can write letters if I want to :D 
                                  Alejandra and the scarf she knitted me :) 
Margaret Chiquita got a better pic of goodbye to Margaret than my comp :D

It was hard to leave but I feel good :D

This chicky is Hna Zuniga, my Mexican friend, she’s the one with the awesome speedy Gonzalez voice! She is one of the Hermana's we share the apartment with.

                     My room and bathroom ha-ha!  I was prepared Mataya!
                                         Mataya always wants a pic of her bedroom and bathroom.

View out my window :D we're surrounded literally by catholic schools and churches :D

 This is lagoon Esmeralda, it’s not in our sector so we can only go on p-day :D
                                          I found Little Foot and Cera!

FYI: This week is Uncle David and Shyanne's birthdays
Tell them happy birthday, I love em, and give them a big hug!

 My favorite conference talk was Pres. Henry b Eyring and the one about the refugees. I loved how Pres. Uchtdorf was crying after that one too :D Beautiful, and I need to work on that one :D  Elder Holland too, pure power I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the one about dads reminded me of dad and I saw the epic of the guy with his cows and about died bawling!
                                             Meeting for conference