Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Six Months Already!

 The apartment is small but pretty, and really, really nice :D We live with two Latinas. I love, love, love, my companion :D She’s so awesome, very  sweet with a little sass ha-ha!  I’m really happy :D I was super stressed, and then I got here and realized that oh, I really do speak Spanish :D  ha-ha the area is.... well it depends on where you’re at.  It’s pretty and I like it but it’s just a city :P There’s lots of people to talk with, so I’m happy! Our sector was just opened so we don’t have any real investigators just some lazy listeners.  I’m going to change that quick, no time for people who don’t want to act on this message, the mission is too short. It’s sad but very true.
I loved conference!!!! I watched women’s session in Spanish :D The rest of the sessions we watched in English so my comp could understand :D it was fantastic! There is something fabulous about hearing it in English, it just fills my heart so much more powerfully in my own language :D
 I agree, Dad is a wonderful man :D  We went to Lider, aka Walmart today and there was a little market outside and a lady was selling copper bracelets, I bought one cause it reminded me of dad :)  The lady said her husband makes them.  I bought it for 3 bucks, a little price difference from here and there, right! Pure copper, handmade, and it’s cute.
                                Shaylee's new comp, Hermana Poyfair.
Above, is bye to Rodrigo, and Tití and Martina, and Andréa and Benjamin, as far as I know Titi got baptized yesterday :D I get to call my converts once every 6 weeks, but everyone else nope. I can write letters if I want to :D 
                                  Alejandra and the scarf she knitted me :) 
Margaret Chiquita got a better pic of goodbye to Margaret than my comp :D

It was hard to leave but I feel good :D

This chicky is Hna Zuniga, my Mexican friend, she’s the one with the awesome speedy Gonzalez voice! She is one of the Hermana's we share the apartment with.

                     My room and bathroom ha-ha!  I was prepared Mataya!
                                         Mataya always wants a pic of her bedroom and bathroom.

View out my window :D we're surrounded literally by catholic schools and churches :D

 This is lagoon Esmeralda, it’s not in our sector so we can only go on p-day :D
                                          I found Little Foot and Cera!

FYI: This week is Uncle David and Shyanne's birthdays
Tell them happy birthday, I love em, and give them a big hug!

 My favorite conference talk was Pres. Henry b Eyring and the one about the refugees. I loved how Pres. Uchtdorf was crying after that one too :D Beautiful, and I need to work on that one :D  Elder Holland too, pure power I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the one about dads reminded me of dad and I saw the epic of the guy with his cows and about died bawling!
                                             Meeting for conference


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