Monday, 25 April 2016

Hard Week.

 It was a hard week, just thinking about dad leaving and having our family spread out even more just about did me in, I’ve been praying a lot.  I also got sick, and we had a lame week. The nurse told me I had to stay in until my fever went away. Then we kind of a had a scare with something in our apartment. The elders came and dedicated it and we slept in the caps house for a night and everything’s all good again. I promise :D I’m super sensitive to that stuff here more than ever :D ha-ha you have no idea how many people let us in cause they think were testigos (google translate says it means witnesses. I am not sure what kind of trouble, but I will hopefully get the full scoop next week when I ask her about it) ha-ha, Margaret for example :D speaking of Margaret I don’t know if I ever sent a pic of the bracelet she gave me when I left. It's silver and lápiz azuelí :D super expensive here. She told me to wear it and never forget her, because she’s not going to forget me. I Love her. The other pic is what my companion did while I was sleeping ha-ha

Tomorrow we have an appointment to visit a man named Patricio his wife is a member but he’s not, free baptism casi ha-ha!

             Hma Poyfair made me a new agenda while I was sick. I love it!

                             We had a kinder surprise FHE Monday night
I found Cheetos in the store today!!!! They don’t taste the same but they are crunchy!

                    Hma Poyfair filled Shay's camera with selfies while she was sick, poor bored girl.



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