Monday, 11 April 2016

Dreadful Rain!

It rained all week and it was dreadful!!!! I got a cold, and received a blessing and then it was all ok. I went to work and it rained some more!!!! ha-ha, but in the blessing I was told that I was going to have EVEN MORE desire to serve, and work here, and EVEN MORE faith, with lots of emphasis on the "even more", during the blessing, and that I would... well it was Spanish, but translates as, go forth PREACHING god’s Word, and that I would walk showing signs to the people in my sectors.  I was like, ooohhh that’s cool!

 I’m definitely making myself understood :D The Chilean and Ecuadorian in my apartment are always correcting me, so I hope I’m improving :D
We found 6 new investigators this week :D  On the day I was really sick and got a blessing in the morning, the blessing told me to go out and work, so I did, and we found VerĂ³nica.  Yesterday we went to visit a menos activo named Javier Sanchez, we got there and his whole family was there! There was also 5 new people that live in the house with them. I was drawing a  blank on what to say, so I played the tie game with them, and we read 3rd Nephi 19: 18-19 or maybe it’s chap 20? about prayer, seriously you have no idea how often that game has saved my life!  We have an appointment to teach his 2 sisters, mom, grandpappy, cousin, and nieces it was crazy!!!!!!!!!

 I love you dad!

The other day we knocked on a door, this guy opens it and was like, ok you can teach me right here, you have 2 minutes cause I’m really busy but interested, I was like ok, and taught the restoration in under a minute.  We're going to go back sometime this week, hopefully he has more time ha-ha!
Yeah spunky is the perfect Word for My comp, she’s a super hard worker and I love her to death, we have lots of fun, its great, and super easy for us to get along :D
 We had to drop the man in the tent, he won’t stop drinking, and it’s dangerous to go teach a drunk who lives in a tent without a member and even with a member, so we, well I,  told him when he is sober to call us and we'll come teach him. :( 
This is a pic Hna Palmer (abuela) left for me before she went home, along with a giant nesquik cup :D it’s a family tradition, nesquik fixes everything they say :) (Mission genealogy, she has a whole new family out there! They even have traditions. Lol!)
We had an actividad de zona hoy and we got t-shirts, and they are uggglyy! But fun :) They say las for las Angeles Sur, but they added lasabor so it says the flavor. Never leave the elders in charge of anything is what I have learned ha-ha.
We played ninja, soccer, mafia, and had a BBQ :D it was fun!

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