Monday, 25 April 2016

Chilean Beso

 I did get the world’s most wonderful, beautiful boots :D My casemate’s about died of jealousy, they call me quaka now, means rich girl ha-ha. It rained all week long and the boots arrived the day before the rain started :D I looove them and they fit perfect :D

HaHa! Tell Taya that I most definitely will demonstrate the Chilean beso (kissing on the cheek when you meet someone) when I get home. I used to come home from church and wash my face with soap while Hna Ricagno laughed at me.

It was a good, but wet week :D  We are hoping to find new investigators this week :D the lady we found when I was sick was traveling this past week, but gets back today.  We are going to visit her again tomorrow :D

                   We bought matching marshmallow winter coats :D 
A member gave us membrillos to snack on, we brought them home and made them into friends :D Hna Poyfair opened hers and it had a HUMUNGOUS WORM INSIDE with ant friends and ant eggs!!

The miracle! A woman I taught almost all of the lessons to without Hna Mendoza, cause she was sick, was baptized. I just feel so blessed that Titi was baptized, doesn’t she look radiant? She’s Benjamin’s mom’s friend :D I just love her! I’m so happy for her!


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