Thursday, 31 March 2016

Happy Easter!

I had a fantastic Easter, thanks to all of your fabulous packages!


I found this video while I was searching for a certain talk I wanted to send Shaylee. I love this video and would love to send it to Shay, but she is not allowed to have headphones to listen to the videos. I thought this was a good way to bookmark it to share with her when she gets home.

 Oh Dad, it’s been a rough week! I’m so glad it’s over!!!!! I’m getting transferred to Los Angeles Avenida Alemania, and I’m going to be a trainer!!! I’m training a girl named Hermana Poiffer from Lehi Utah :D she's halfway done her training and I am gonna go in and polish it off I guess :D I’m excited, Hna Lee showed me a pic and she’s super cute! I’m also freaking out, I feel like crying!!!!  Hermana Ricagno is training a new newbie again so I’m gonna have a ¨sister¨ in the mission, and my √§buela¨ went home today :,(  It's been tough with my comp and stuff, but I did learn to love her :D

                                                  They look a little concerned about transfers
 Yeah I’m going to work my butt off and I’m going to be really happy there :D Hna Zuniga says it’s beautiful :D ha-ha I’m trying to be strong Hna Hill, Hna Palmer and Elder Woods are leaving today :( all my buds, they are going to do amazing things :D

We have to wait until at least next week to watch women’s conference :(

 Hna Mendoza taught me how to do voice recordings to send to you guys :D I bought the stuff to do it today :D (She did send a voice recording of her talking about her transfer and the people she is teaching, just gotta figure out how to get it to load onto the blog)
Ha-ha six months of missionary work has trashed this pair of shoes


Pretty feet! It’s a promise in the scriptures that my feet are beautiful :D

Romans 10:15
And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

                      Margaret is super sad I’m leaving I hope she’s alright!


Alejandra's baptism is set for the 2nd of April, but we’ll see if it happens, she has a lot of anxiety to work through. I’m not going to be here.  I’m really sad cause I’ve been working with her for 5 months.

I told Shay that Chelsea asks how she is doing whenever we see her, this is her response:
Chelsea is so sweet I'm glad she’s going to be my aunt :D

                                                       I’m officially kinda Chilean :D

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's a good day

Guess who came to visit last night, Hermana Ricagno! I was sooo happy!!! 

This morning we had a zone activity in lomas :D We played volley, kickball and ninja! I finally vanquished Elder Woods!!!!  I am the champion! Then he called rematch..... and he caught me when I hesitated. >:( que mal. ha-ha!   
A package arrived! Today is a good day :D 
Hermana Law trying to photobomb the pic. :D
                                                      Easter package!

Margaret’s doing good, we found her an apartment a couple floors below Monica (RS prez), and the elders, they are good buds now :D Rodrigo and Benja are great :)
Rodrigo’s dog that he bought after his girlfriend passed away, died last Tuesday, so he’s a little shaken.  We told him plan de salvaccion aplica a las animales tambien, and he’s doing better :D
Alejandra is going to be baptized on the 2 of April. Angelica is waiting for her answer, she just needs to go for it, then she’ll get her answer! Nat and Diego are doing good :P they just have to do it too! They have testimonies but they want their parents support still!  They’re 21 and 18 just do it!!! Oh well :P I know they will eventually, I just want to see it :D

  Pres. Wilhelm is going to be here until June :P then we get new prez :)

 I asked her if she had bought a sleeping bag and winter coat, winter is coming.)
Sleeping bag, kinda? We have one in our house :) I’m thinking I’m gonna take that with me! Everyone here is freezing and I’m like, "let it go"!!!!!!! The cold never bothered me anyway!!! Ha-ha I’m burnin up still :D I do need to find a winter coat.  I found another jacket and rain proof skirt that another sister left :D and I have my blue jacket :) We don’t have time to go to stores, and we’re only allowed to go to second hand stores that have JUNK!  It’s waaaaay worse than anything in Value Village, wakala! We can’t go into the mall, which is why I am extremely excited for my muck boots to get here!

I’m lost as to when holidays are here, but if it’s Easter this week HAPPY EASTER!!!!

 Love amazing Shaylee

                                                 St Patrick's Day fun

Thursday, 17 March 2016


 Things are good, one of the highlights of the week was the broadcast for Chile missionaries with Elder Nelson.  I did not know he speaks Spanish, like amazing Spanish! Isn’t that nuts???

We have a quota for lessons taught with members present, we have to drag members out of their houses here :D except Margaret she calls us :D Margaret did leave Carlos!! We found her an apartment and she walked away with her daughter and a purse! So brave! I’m amazed by her, seriously :) She entered the waters of baptism this past week.
I think we should all add Margaret to our prayers. I can't imagine how much she has given up to be baptized.
Only a photographer thinks to  stand on the side of the font to capture a moment like this. So special.
Wearing the dresses Margaret bought them. They told her the first time they would wear them would be at her baptism.

During the district meeting we played hay no se (hide and seek) and I killed it! I beat elder Wood's and everyone else in the zone! No one beats elder Wood's so I’m pretty ecstatic in this pic :D

We’ve been focusing a lot on Alejandra, she has panic attacks when there’s lots of people around.  She's 33 yrs. old and gold, I love her lots. She came to church for the first time this week. She just needs a spiritual experience and she'll baptize ;) 

We met with Diego and Natalya, ha-ha Diego about died when we told him no tattoos :) the one thing he liked. He was gonna get one next week, not anymore :D 

(I asked her how most people reacted when they knocked on their doors, I have no idea what the Spanish is saying. Google translate can only translate so good. Hermana Amy Wright may help us out with a better translation.)
 Tracting, fun stuff. Depends... they like "blondes" I’m a novelty for them so they’re a lot more willing to listen when they look out the door.  If they don't look outside, it’s like I’m sorry I believe in God and Jesus Christ, and I’m like in serdio! que genial!!! nosotras tambien! y la mensaje compartimos es acerca a el y su evangalio restaurado!! They're like ummmm.... ha-ha
Pres. Wilhelm is from Osorno Chile and is the temp prez for now.  We will just have to wait for the 12 to call a new full time mission prez for real now :D ha-ha Ingrid told us she stuck a giant Photo of prez and Hna Bluth inside the front door of the prez house, and every day when they arrive for work Wilhelm goes “buenos dias Presidente Bluth!” Ha-ha Ingrid is not ready for a new prez :D none of us are, but I guess there is a reason for it :) 
                              She found her favorite candy, pretzel M&M's!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Orar por el Presidente y la Hermana Bluth

Her Uncle Mike and Chelsea Baker got engaged this last week. A couple months ago she wrote and told me to tell him to just marry her already! They will be getting married in Mexico the end of January.

 Uncle mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Everyone listens to the missionaries :D  
Yeah about their wedding date tell them April 12 or something along those lines :D  

 Pres. Bluth has cancer. He’s not going to be coming back. Tonight I find out who the new prez is. The elders in my sector know who it is since their assistants and all, but they won’t tell us. They did say he speaks English and Spanish fluently, so he must be a gringo. 
Happy birthday grandpa Nelson, I’m missing out on so many family things! 
Margaret is leaving her house tomorrow and we have her baptism set for Saturday at 6 :D I’m super excited for her!
 Rodrigo is funny, yep he reminds me of my uncles.  He told me the other day, that when I moved sectors he was going to move too. Ha-ha that sounds creepy, but he was joking.  I’m just crazy, and he likes laughing at my Spanish. :P
My companion and I are doing ok, Monday was rough, last week, but it’s much better now.  On Monday Elder Miller brought me a GIGANTIC package, from the world’s best visiting teacher! Denise’s fame has spread through the mission:D  She sent me a holidays of the year kit, complete with presents for my comp. and a letter in Spanish :D She’s amazing!!!


I’m so happy about all of the stuff you wrote me, I feel such enormous JOY when I hear from you guys!!!! 

Margaret found out I love pizza and took us out to lunch for pizza!
I had intercambiuo with Hermana hill on Tuesday, I think that’s what helped me to have a better week with my comp.  She was Hna Hill's comp before too.  In the morning I said a prayer and was like heavenly father, I need my family so bad right now, and if you could help me feel better that’d be great.  We went to the zone meeting it was a whole zone swap and I got to go with Hna Hill! We were laughing, it is not normal to have this many cambios with one person. She is like a big sister to me, seriously! She asked me if she could write me after this cambio when she goes home. She has been a big blessing for me. 

                                  Benjamin, the nine year old they have been teaching was baptized.

In closing prayer for his baptism Benjamin Bang Ha Meen said that he felt like he was with Heavenly Father when he was baptized.  Awwwwww he’s so cute! 
I’m giving my all and I’m happy :) I’m going to sleep for a month when I get home :D

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Go Parents!

Response to pictures of Mataya and Evie, at Evies 2nd birthday party:
Happy birthday Evie!! Wow, I love her outfit, she’s gorgeous!  Margaret saw one of the pics and asked what my big sisters name was ha-ha!
(One day Shaylee will appreciate looking young)

                                       Love it when the companionship works good together!

This is about the lady that has been living common law for 20 something years:

 Margaret sat us down the other day and told us that 3 nights in a row she woke up to a voice, and she wrote down what it said.  Basically move out, quit putting man before god :D ha-ha :) She’s moving out of her house right now to be baptized on the 12th :D how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nat and Diego are on vacations.
This is about the 9 yr old boy they are teaching:
Benjamin’s mom is a member slightly less active :) he’s so awesome.  The first lesson we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes, I said when, and he said tomorrow :) ha-ha we said how about the 5? Ha-ha we taught about the ley de castidad (Law of chastity) the other day.... interesting. Ha-ha

                                     I found Nutella in Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                             (Shaylee LOVES Nutella!)

Rodrigo came knocking doors with us. Ha-ha he takes pics like Uncle David, stop everything, glasses on, no facial expression :P 

A little girl named Amanda :) she’s cute! I love her, she adopted me when I got here and couldn’t speak Spanish, she just brought me dolls and taught me how to say the words :D  She's the RS prez daughter.

Comp gifted me a set of awesome Peruvian people earrings, aren’t they cute!!!!!!


I’m legal now!!!!!! (She finally got her Chile visa)

Oh, I was going to ask if you could check if it’s possible to order a nice pair of muck boots on internet, and have them delivered to the mission office? I’m going to need them from what I hear :) that’s what all people wear in the winter.  We can’t go into malls or anywhere that has good boots :P 
My mission pres. is in the U.S.A. right now, he has a tumor in his throat that is growing fast, and they don’t know how long he will be gone, or if he will come back.  If you could pray for him too that would be great.
I love Afton law so much!!!!!!!!!! We’re always gonna be "homies" as she puts it ha-ha. She got a comp with a nasty attitude about gringas and rules. Poor girls got it rough.  If you all would pray for her that would be great :)

          Shay's Study of Helaman.  I love what she has written in the left corner just under her pen.