Thursday, 17 March 2016


 Things are good, one of the highlights of the week was the broadcast for Chile missionaries with Elder Nelson.  I did not know he speaks Spanish, like amazing Spanish! Isn’t that nuts???

We have a quota for lessons taught with members present, we have to drag members out of their houses here :D except Margaret she calls us :D Margaret did leave Carlos!! We found her an apartment and she walked away with her daughter and a purse! So brave! I’m amazed by her, seriously :) She entered the waters of baptism this past week.
I think we should all add Margaret to our prayers. I can't imagine how much she has given up to be baptized.
Only a photographer thinks to  stand on the side of the font to capture a moment like this. So special.
Wearing the dresses Margaret bought them. They told her the first time they would wear them would be at her baptism.

During the district meeting we played hay no se (hide and seek) and I killed it! I beat elder Wood's and everyone else in the zone! No one beats elder Wood's so I’m pretty ecstatic in this pic :D

We’ve been focusing a lot on Alejandra, she has panic attacks when there’s lots of people around.  She's 33 yrs. old and gold, I love her lots. She came to church for the first time this week. She just needs a spiritual experience and she'll baptize ;) 

We met with Diego and Natalya, ha-ha Diego about died when we told him no tattoos :) the one thing he liked. He was gonna get one next week, not anymore :D 

(I asked her how most people reacted when they knocked on their doors, I have no idea what the Spanish is saying. Google translate can only translate so good. Hermana Amy Wright may help us out with a better translation.)
 Tracting, fun stuff. Depends... they like "blondes" I’m a novelty for them so they’re a lot more willing to listen when they look out the door.  If they don't look outside, it’s like I’m sorry I believe in God and Jesus Christ, and I’m like in serdio! que genial!!! nosotras tambien! y la mensaje compartimos es acerca a el y su evangalio restaurado!! They're like ummmm.... ha-ha
Pres. Wilhelm is from Osorno Chile and is the temp prez for now.  We will just have to wait for the 12 to call a new full time mission prez for real now :D ha-ha Ingrid told us she stuck a giant Photo of prez and Hna Bluth inside the front door of the prez house, and every day when they arrive for work Wilhelm goes “buenos dias Presidente Bluth!” Ha-ha Ingrid is not ready for a new prez :D none of us are, but I guess there is a reason for it :) 
                              She found her favorite candy, pretzel M&M's!

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