Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's a good day

Guess who came to visit last night, Hermana Ricagno! I was sooo happy!!! 

This morning we had a zone activity in lomas :D We played volley, kickball and ninja! I finally vanquished Elder Woods!!!!  I am the champion! Then he called rematch..... and he caught me when I hesitated. >:( que mal. ha-ha!   
A package arrived! Today is a good day :D 
Hermana Law trying to photobomb the pic. :D
                                                      Easter package!

Margaret’s doing good, we found her an apartment a couple floors below Monica (RS prez), and the elders, they are good buds now :D Rodrigo and Benja are great :)
Rodrigo’s dog that he bought after his girlfriend passed away, died last Tuesday, so he’s a little shaken.  We told him plan de salvaccion aplica a las animales tambien, and he’s doing better :D
Alejandra is going to be baptized on the 2 of April. Angelica is waiting for her answer, she just needs to go for it, then she’ll get her answer! Nat and Diego are doing good :P they just have to do it too! They have testimonies but they want their parents support still!  They’re 21 and 18 just do it!!! Oh well :P I know they will eventually, I just want to see it :D

  Pres. Wilhelm is going to be here until June :P then we get new prez :)

 I asked her if she had bought a sleeping bag and winter coat, winter is coming.)
Sleeping bag, kinda? We have one in our house :) I’m thinking I’m gonna take that with me! Everyone here is freezing and I’m like, "let it go"!!!!!!! The cold never bothered me anyway!!! Ha-ha I’m burnin up still :D I do need to find a winter coat.  I found another jacket and rain proof skirt that another sister left :D and I have my blue jacket :) We don’t have time to go to stores, and we’re only allowed to go to second hand stores that have JUNK!  It’s waaaaay worse than anything in Value Village, wakala! We can’t go into the mall, which is why I am extremely excited for my muck boots to get here!

I’m lost as to when holidays are here, but if it’s Easter this week HAPPY EASTER!!!!

 Love amazing Shaylee

                                                 St Patrick's Day fun

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