Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Orar por el Presidente y la Hermana Bluth

Her Uncle Mike and Chelsea Baker got engaged this last week. A couple months ago she wrote and told me to tell him to just marry her already! They will be getting married in Mexico the end of January.

 Uncle mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Everyone listens to the missionaries :D  
Yeah about their wedding date tell them April 12 or something along those lines :D  

 Pres. Bluth has cancer. He’s not going to be coming back. Tonight I find out who the new prez is. The elders in my sector know who it is since their assistants and all, but they won’t tell us. They did say he speaks English and Spanish fluently, so he must be a gringo. 
Happy birthday grandpa Nelson, I’m missing out on so many family things! 
Margaret is leaving her house tomorrow and we have her baptism set for Saturday at 6 :D I’m super excited for her!
 Rodrigo is funny, yep he reminds me of my uncles.  He told me the other day, that when I moved sectors he was going to move too. Ha-ha that sounds creepy, but he was joking.  I’m just crazy, and he likes laughing at my Spanish. :P
My companion and I are doing ok, Monday was rough, last week, but it’s much better now.  On Monday Elder Miller brought me a GIGANTIC package, from the world’s best visiting teacher! Denise’s fame has spread through the mission:D  She sent me a holidays of the year kit, complete with presents for my comp. and a letter in Spanish :D She’s amazing!!!


I’m so happy about all of the stuff you wrote me, I feel such enormous JOY when I hear from you guys!!!! 

Margaret found out I love pizza and took us out to lunch for pizza!
I had intercambiuo with Hermana hill on Tuesday, I think that’s what helped me to have a better week with my comp.  She was Hna Hill's comp before too.  In the morning I said a prayer and was like heavenly father, I need my family so bad right now, and if you could help me feel better that’d be great.  We went to the zone meeting it was a whole zone swap and I got to go with Hna Hill! We were laughing, it is not normal to have this many cambios with one person. She is like a big sister to me, seriously! She asked me if she could write me after this cambio when she goes home. She has been a big blessing for me. 

                                  Benjamin, the nine year old they have been teaching was baptized.

In closing prayer for his baptism Benjamin Bang Ha Meen said that he felt like he was with Heavenly Father when he was baptized.  Awwwwww he’s so cute! 
I’m giving my all and I’m happy :) I’m going to sleep for a month when I get home :D

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