Thursday, 3 March 2016

Go Parents!

Response to pictures of Mataya and Evie, at Evies 2nd birthday party:
Happy birthday Evie!! Wow, I love her outfit, she’s gorgeous!  Margaret saw one of the pics and asked what my big sisters name was ha-ha!
(One day Shaylee will appreciate looking young)

                                       Love it when the companionship works good together!

This is about the lady that has been living common law for 20 something years:

 Margaret sat us down the other day and told us that 3 nights in a row she woke up to a voice, and she wrote down what it said.  Basically move out, quit putting man before god :D ha-ha :) She’s moving out of her house right now to be baptized on the 12th :D how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nat and Diego are on vacations.
This is about the 9 yr old boy they are teaching:
Benjamin’s mom is a member slightly less active :) he’s so awesome.  The first lesson we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes, I said when, and he said tomorrow :) ha-ha we said how about the 5? Ha-ha we taught about the ley de castidad (Law of chastity) the other day.... interesting. Ha-ha

                                     I found Nutella in Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                             (Shaylee LOVES Nutella!)

Rodrigo came knocking doors with us. Ha-ha he takes pics like Uncle David, stop everything, glasses on, no facial expression :P 

A little girl named Amanda :) she’s cute! I love her, she adopted me when I got here and couldn’t speak Spanish, she just brought me dolls and taught me how to say the words :D  She's the RS prez daughter.

Comp gifted me a set of awesome Peruvian people earrings, aren’t they cute!!!!!!


I’m legal now!!!!!! (She finally got her Chile visa)

Oh, I was going to ask if you could check if it’s possible to order a nice pair of muck boots on internet, and have them delivered to the mission office? I’m going to need them from what I hear :) that’s what all people wear in the winter.  We can’t go into malls or anywhere that has good boots :P 
My mission pres. is in the U.S.A. right now, he has a tumor in his throat that is growing fast, and they don’t know how long he will be gone, or if he will come back.  If you could pray for him too that would be great.
I love Afton law so much!!!!!!!!!! We’re always gonna be "homies" as she puts it ha-ha. She got a comp with a nasty attitude about gringas and rules. Poor girls got it rough.  If you all would pray for her that would be great :)

          Shay's Study of Helaman.  I love what she has written in the left corner just under her pen.

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