Monday, 22 February 2016

Mummy Bag

The skirts were presents from Margaret she said the blue one reminded her of me :)  I told her I’ll wear it to her baptism :D She’s working up the courage to leave Carlos :D yay!!! She’s hoping to be baptized on Saturday :D I really hope so! She deserves it :)
We're teaching a nine yr. old named Benjamin.
 Natalya is super excited to be baptized she just needs her parents approval. She doesn’t need it but she wants it. 
These pics are of me and Hna Zuniga, she’s from Mexico and talks like Speedy Gonzalez. I love her!!!
Ha-Ha good old Uncle David and Riley, I miss the fun we have in our house a lot :) Most people here are pretty serious. The other day we visited a recent convert named Monica and her daughter I love them! They’re more  lighthearted and great friends. I taught them the tie prayer game :) Monica loved it she was trying to tie herself up in the tie standing and jumping around it was funny! 
 I’m really excited for cambios (transfers) in 3 weeks-. I’m probably going to have a new sector :) I’m bored of San Pedro, ready for a change, yet I don’t want to leave the house I'm in because it’s literally the nicest in the mission :)

I sent Shaylee a few paragraphs from our RS lesson yesterday. I guess it would be easier to feel the spirit when you don't have to continually translate everything you read.
 I miss having lessons in English its a lot easier to follow and feel the spirit! :)

 Riley went with the missionaries on splits yesterday. I asked her if they ever took the laurels on splits, guess not.
We only have 1 laurel so we can’t do splits with her :( the church is small here. We only have 70 members in San Pedro ha-ha 71 with Rodrigo now. 

Uncle David :) should read the Book of Mormon while he's laying around recouping. ;) I love you Uncle!

It’s starting to cool off here :) I would love it if it would stay this temp. It’s perfect :)  Dad,Thanks for teaching me how to make my money work for me . We get $140 per month here and it works for me and I end with money to save and have more food than anyone else I’ve met so far. :) I love hearing from you guys!

 Not sure if this picture was in the morning or at night, but whenever it was you can tell her companion is not from Canada. I killed myself laughing at how funny/cute her comp looks.


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