Monday, 15 February 2016

Rodrigo Gets Baptized

Goodbye Hermana Ricagno. Sad day.
                                            Hello Hermana Mendoza
Looks like they are getting along just fine.
Rodrigo was baptized Saturday, and confirmed on Valentine’s Day exactly 3 weeks after we met him. We contacted him and got his info while he was talking on his phone in the street ha-ha! I overheard him tell Pres. Bluth that we knocked on his door and changed his life. Then he introduced me to his mom saying, êlla, ella me salvo or she, she saved me. He just kept saying thank you thank you! Felt good.

                     Filling the font, closest she’ll get to swimming in a while.

Rodrigo, his mom and the Hermana’s. Shay says he takes pictures like Uncle David, never seriously.

                              Natalya, Diego, and Hermana Ricagno.

                  Shay got the package just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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