Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Totally safe and sound!

I’m getting a Peruvian companion tomorrow!!!!!! She speaks nada and I mean nada English!!!! Her name is Hermana Mendoza and I guess she’s awesome from what Hna Ricagno says.  Hna Ricagno is going to Temuco opening a new sector!  I'm going to miss her. 
 Mission t-shirts! They look great with their dresses. Lol!

Rodrigo is going to be baptized this Saturday. We met him a month ago, when he’s baptized it’ll be 3 week’s exactly from when we started  teaching him :) he’s gold! Was suicidal, depressed and a druggie, he’s a completely different person now.  We're going to teach the law of chastity tonight :) fun stuff. 
 Nat and Diego are living palabra de sabiduria perfectly now! Yay!

I sent her a picture of the collar bone David had surgery on...
Ouchy!!!!!! Tell him I love him, and give him a hug.  Tell him life’s too short to wait to come back to the church. There’s way more cool stuff in the church than out  :) qualquier blessing adentro!
 This is for savannah, how is the little ninja?

The Bisho, his wife, and Ricagno

Margaret found out Hna Ricagno was leaving yesterday, and started crying because she wasn’t baptized before she left.  Basically Carlos is a jerk, and her only option is leaving.  He’s abusive.
 This is Hermana Victoria’s family, she’s relief society pres.  She’s a social security worker and is going to help Margaret outa there, yay!!!

Shaylee and her companion had a scary incident the 2nd of Feb. They were walking down the street when two 18ish year old guys pulled knives on them, and demanded their bags!  Ricagno handed over her bag and they ripped Shays off of her right after she unclipped the strap around her waist. The muggers must have been inexperienced because they did not take any jewelry or check their pockets for money or cell phones. Ricagno had their cell in her pocket, called the police, but could not get through to them.  A kind gentleman who saw what happened came and helped keep the sisters calm and gather the things the muggers had thrown out of Ricagno's bag. They must have realized that there was nothing of value to them in the bag, so they ended up ditching Shay's bag in someone's front yard, untouched. Shay says they were going shopping Monday for the things Ricagno was missing from her bag. This is what Shay wrote to ease my worry...
 "I’m totally safe and sound, it’s all good." :)
Interesting thing is that I never got all worked up about it.  I know the Lord is watching out for her and all missionaries. I also know that doesn't mean she will never be in danger or unharmed, but I do know the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us.  All we can do is live our lives the best we know how, and pray we will have the faith to endure whatever comes our way.






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  1. I love all the pictures. Shaylee looks so happy!! So glad she is safe and was protected.