Friday, 5 February 2016

San Pedro Cup

la semana de hna ricagno y yo fue nutsy, pero esta bien, estamos feliz :) creo que hna ricagno habló sobre todo haha, pero esta semena con diego y natalya fue super bien vemos ellos muchismo mas esta semana y ellos estan progresando. su mama realmente esta la sola obstacula con ellos. natalya tiene el deseo para ser bautisado esta genial! tengamos muchismo esperanza que ella va  a tener su bautismo en sabado,y diego semena despues, vamos a enseñar el sobre commitments y los mandamientos. :) ellos realmente son genial. they aanylize and apply scriptures to sus vidas sin promptings a hacerlo. 

aprendè mucho sobre la necessidad a compartir emotions con mi compañera, tambien sobre paciencia.  un milagro esta semena fue rodrigo y la ordinacion de benji. rodrigo es oro.  haha excerpts from pres bluths letter :P we have to write him every week in spanish takes forever!

I  sent this off to Amy Wright and this is the translation.

Sister Shaylee says,

This week was nutsy for Sis. Ricagno and myself, but all is well. We are happy. I believe Sis. Ricagno wrote about everything. All was superfine with Diego and Natalya.
Saw them lots this week and they are progressing. Their mother is truthfully the only obstacle. Natalya has the desire to be baptized. She is agreeable. We have much hope that she will be baptized on Saturday and Diego the week after. We're going to teach them about commitment and the commandments. They are really agreeable. They analyze everything and apply the scriptures to their lives without any promptings from us.

I have learned about the necessity of sharing my emotions with my companion as well as patience. A miracle this week was Rodrigo and Benji's ordination. Rodrigo is gold.

Amy Wright

We won the San Pedro cup of fruit this week!!! It’s like the Vivint Cup.
ha-ha but you earn it for how many lessons you teach  instead of your number of sales.
It’s all the same business line :) I definitely use tactics from Dad a lot :)
 This is Margaret and us, and Margaret Chiquita waiting for Carlos at the not tiers. (The place they went to be married)
Terrible face Shay!
He didn’t show up to get married. Margaret was going to just go home, pack and leave, and be baptized the next day anyways, but we made her talk to the bishop first for counsel.  She’s waiting one more week. (To leave with good relations) yikes!
Polanka is starting detox for drugs this week and we’re probably going to teach her tomorrow morning.
We have an appointment with Rodrigo tonight, we're going to teach L3 with fire, literally. I’m such a pyro. :) I love it!
Nat and Diego’s mom is driving us nuts, she thinks they aren’t ready for commitment, but they’re over 18 :) Natalya for sure this Saturday or she’s going to be baptized in a swimming pool wherever she travels too next.
We planned our p-day today to have an hour for nothing. We are so exhausted. My feet are definitely healed from my past injury. I would be at home if not. We walked 100's of km this week. It was hectic. I would actually love to have time to sit and listen to 4-h speeches. ha-ha. Anything to sit down :P ha-ha if I was at home no way would I want be there. Ha-ha
 Did you see McKenna’s locket? It’s my favorite! I have a locket with me in it and a teddy bear named after me!!!!! :D

You are awesome! Remember to follow the spirit and bring him along into the lessons you guys teach.
Will always :) No way am I going anywhere in a place like this alone! I realized the other day that I’m getting used to all of the barred windows. Scary moment when I realized that :P
I love pizza :)
Love Shay

 Our sector is probably the biggest in the mission. These pictures don’t show even half of my area. Across the bio bio river is Concepcion, the river is the divider between missions.

Transfer time, this is our last week together  :( sniffle. I’m going to miss her.

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