Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Gift From The Heart

Shaylee only sent voice recordings and a few pictures this week. I guess she finds it easier to record events as they happen. It does make it harder to keep her blog though, but I will attempt to write out one of the events from last week.

Shaylee and her companion, Hma Poyfair were street contacting people. Shaylee walked up to a lady and complimented her on her earrings. They lady was like " oh you like them? They are real silver, my friend makes them." They chatted for a bit, then the lady takes off her earrings and gives them to Shaylee and walks away. Shaylee I'm sure stood there stunned for a moment and then ran up to her and said," You don't have to give me your earrings." The lady said, "Keep them, they are a gift from my heart." What an amazing lady! Shaylee felt so bad, and her comp jokes with her about it all the time. She says anytime anyone compliments her on her earrings she is going to take them off and give the earrings to them. We can learn something from all the people we meet. After the lady left, all Shaylee could think was, "I didn't even give her a pass along card!"


                                                                        The earrings

Shaylee received a pkg from Sister Lorretta Reeder. I love all the support that is shown from home to our missionaries!

Shaylee and Hermana Poyfair get along so well and love working together.
She said that they had an incident in the house where they had to have the Elders come over and pronounce a priesthood blessing on the house. Shaylee said, the other Hermana's that live in their apartment don't keep the mission rules like they should. Shaylee says that missionaries are on a different level and when they do not keep the rules are prone to serious consequences. She never gave details, but she said they were pretty shook up.

New mission president has finally been called but will not be there to take over until July. I'm thinking they have a lot of training from now till then. Thanks Kristy for finding this article and picture.

Richard Dennis May, 64, and Pamela Ree Ashton May, four children, Altadena Branch, Birmingham Alabama Stake: Chile Concepción South Mission, succeeding President L. Lothaire Bluth and Sister Connie W. Bluth. Brother May serves as a temple sealer and is a former Area Seventy, stake president, bishop, elders quorum president and missionary in the México North Mission. Immunologist and Manager of Cell Biology and Immunology, Southern Research Institute. Born in Santa Monica, California, to Frederick Brown May and Ardith Giles May.
Sister May serves as a stake Relief Society presidency counselor and temple ordinance worker and is a former ward Young Women and Primary president, seminary and institute teacher and missionary in the Spain Madrid Mission. Born in Oxnard, California, to Jed L Ashton and Norma Jean Thomassen Ashton.

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