Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Transfered to Temuco

  Guess what? This morning the district leader called, and I’m getting transferred to Temuco Cautin with Hna Hall, she trained Hna Lange in San Pedro. Hna Poyfair is going to be with her companion from the C.C.M. (M.T.C). We both burst into tears on the phone with the elder, it was, IS awful. I mean we love these Hermana’s they are amazing, yet Poyfair and Norton are still learning Spanish and we want to stay together. Poyfair just hugged me crying, and is like, don’t leave me. I about died!  Mixed emotions right now. I will definitely be visiting Poyfair after the mission.
 I’m going to be packing lots today :)  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be living in the same  house as Hna Ricagno :D if not she’s going to be my capacitadora so esta bien :D Temuco is huge! It’s going to be nuts! I’m going to be in Maqueway or something like that?  It’s a big ward. I’m pretty sure it’s a house too, that’ll be a first. :D 
It turns out I love Dr. Pepper.... a lot! ha-ha last night we went to visit a menos activa named pat-ree-C-ah, and she was so excited we came to visit.  She’s cute, and when we were getting ready to leave she says, hold on a sec, she wanted to give us something special.  She went to a big wooden chest and pulled out 2 Dr. Peppers, Hna Poyfair was so funny! She looked, her hands went into a very miss congeniality gasp and she started to cry!!!! Ha-ha she loooves Dr. Pepper! It’s pretty impossible to find here, it’s seriously like gold. It was the first time in 4 years I’ve actually wanted to drink a pop ha-ha. I seriously had no idea I even liked it.
 Ha-ha when we were getting ready for skype I was super panicking I was soooo excited! Hno Abutter (ward mission leader) was laughing super hard :D ha-ha. He invited Hna Poyfair and I over to their house tonight for a FHE with treats ha-ha :D I’m excited, prob not the best use of time but.... I’ll let this one slide his kids are super cute :D and his wife cooks fantastically :D they’re my faves here in LA Sur. I love you guys with all my heart!
Love, Amazing Shaylee
                       The Pink Chapel, I'm sure it is much pinker in real life. I love her shadow!



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