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 This is part of Shaylee's email to her mission president.
esta sector (aparte de esta) es muy genial me encanta el barrio y los investigadores son muy receptivos. tuvemos bautismo de nacho esta fin de semana y el era tan feliz! era muy preparada por las otras hermanas. estpy aprendiendo mucho acerca de la esperanza y fe. mi compañera tiene un ingrown uña en su dedo de pie y es dificil por ella a andar pero estamos trabajando a ful y estamos felizes.
Google Translation:
This sector (apart from this) is very great I love the neighborhood and the researchers are very receptive. tuvemos baptism of Nacho this weekend and he was so happy! It was prepared by the other sisters. estpy learning much about hope and faith. My roommate has an ingrown nail on her toe and it is difficult for her to walk but we are working to full and we are happy.
 I live in an apartment with Hermana Anounciacou from Brazil, Hna Wright from Ogden, and Hermana Hill from Utah :D Maquehue is my sector but its Padre de las casas on the mission map. 
Here is a map of Shay's mission.
The places she has served in are marked in pen.

We had a baptism Saturday, a 9 year old boy named Nacho, seriously, it’s awesome. He’s cute. I met him at the baptism.
                                   Hermana Anounciacou with the kids

 We have 18 investigators and my faves are the 3 sons of a recent convert. They’re funny, it's a very different experience to teach them, they’re like gentlemanly gangsters. Seriously I would never have contacted them on the street, but the oldest told his dad he wants to be baptized :D They’re only here on the weekend’s because they go to a boarding school. They are great! The oldest is Jose Miguel (16), Yonatan (14), and Felipe (11).
We were teaching a lesson with a woman loca named Karin and she was all, "can we say the prayer holding hands", we were like umm sure? So we all hold hands and she starts to pray the most sincere prayer ever, seriously she was bawling. But I am me, I couldn’t get over the humorousness  of the situation and started to laugh and laugh and Hermana Hall is snickering too and grabbing my hand in a way meant to cause pain, and I’m doing the same to her and we are both dying making laughing/ choking sounds cause we were trying not too, which just made it worse. Karin is sobbing, so when she stopped praying I jumped forward and hugged her, thank you I say, that was beautiful! She hugs me back and thinks we were sobbing during the prayer too. I just hugged her cause I didn’t want her to see me laughing.
Last night we came across and old investigator of Hna Bentley's. We go into the house, and she’s telling us about how she knows the Book of Mormon is true because obviously everything is being fulfilled that it says, she’s in 2 Nephi right now. We were like sweet. She just didn’t know what it was saying, so we read with her. We have a return appointment.
 This sectors cool because the ward actually functions like a ward at home. We mostly work off of referrals and yesterday in consejo de barrio (I am assuming ward council) bishop says, we always wait for the missionaries to bring their own investigators and pray that they’ll find people to teach, but the lord has a different idea, we need to bring them people to teach and pray that we'll find people for the missionaries to teach.  We’re like yaya bishop gogogogo! Awesomeness!  
 I’m missing Poyfair lots, but I am happy here and it’s fun :D
 I looked through my clothes and could use one or two more of the ugly t-shirts, that would be great the rest I can sew and fix, and I inherited a couple skirts from Hna Pemberton so I should be fine :D the only things that really sick me out are my shoes. They’re gross!! Oh well :D
 It’s been unusually nice weather so I’m happy with that. Usually this time of year its torrential downpour, nonstop, but we’ve got sunny weather :D  
Hna Ricagno is my cap and lives in another house :( but I get to see her and my adorable hermanita en la misión hna galdino from brazil every Tuesday :D Hma Galdino is sooo cute! I’ll send a pic next week, seriously adorable and she just cracks up when I call her Hermanita :D ha-ha.  Ricagno came flying over when I walked into the bus terminal and gave me a great big hug, which was fantastic cause I was still pretty sore from leaving Poyfair-we were bawling at the terminal in LA. But Hna Ricagno says, I’m so EXCITED you’re here! She was dying laughing because when I first came to the mission and she picked me up, the first thing she said was I’m so EXCITING to be here with you! Ha-ha she’s funny :D  Seriously, I’m really happy here even though it’s kind of my poorest sector. Hna Hall says it is the richest area she has been in. She goes home in 1 cambio after this one yikes! I might just be her last comp.:D That’d be fun :D we get along great, and  since all her sectors were quite poor she speaks kind of hillbilly Spanish so it’s cute :D I love you all so much!
Love amazing Shaylee!
                                              I do believe this is a new companion pic. Lol!
                                     Herman Wright and a new and improved Hermana Nelson.

                                                                    Hermana Hill

                                                               Las Angeles at Night

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