Sunday, 19 June 2016

Ward Talent Show

estamos bien aquí, encontramos un joven bueno contactando en frente de la iglesia en sábado con el obispo millar. :D el es bueno y vino a la iglesia :D yay! estamos veyendo milagros ;D oooh mama1 me hizo llorar! ( ha-ha wow sorry English is better right :D I’m so jealous I love Wendy Nelson!!! Ha-ha I wish I could have seen Taya dancing with Shelby in the 4-H auction :D I miss being in on the fun. :D I totally understand the schedule thing. I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow, and I wake up rolling out of my blanket’s :P  It’s going to be nice to sleep in once in a while. :D
Today we went to the only American Burger place in our misión its called Jack’s and it was heaven!!! Just after we got there an obviously gringo walks in and sat behind us, after he finished he came over to chat and he is an RM from this mission before the mission split, he is from Nashville so that was cool then he left and we waited for Hna Anunciacoa to finish her food (she slow)  we went to pay and our gringo friend already paid for us :D  We were like wow, there really are good people in the world! ha-ha it was so nice :D Hna Anuncianoa goes home on Sunday and she is freaking out ha-ha :D so we're just doing everything she wants to today.
We taught a lesson in English to a man named Jared from Regon and it was so hard!!!!!!!! Ha-ha the prayer about killed me. :D Then we had a talent show and let’s say the Latinos go all out on the talent shows, the relief society danced to single ladies, and they were good :D ha-ha we did a Dear Jane skit ha-ha I have a recording but it won’t send :( well, you’ll see it in the spring :D  and the misión nurse told me I have to eat more sugar ha-ha I guess I’m to healthy.
 I need to buy new shoes ha-ha mine are literally full of holes, is it possible for you to order online the ones I have and have them shipped directly here or no?
ha-ha now the Hna’s want to go get ice cream because we have extra money :D
                                         Shay and Hna Hill
                    Animalitas primary did jungle book for the talent show




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  1. Amazing hearing about Shaylee and seeing her pics