Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Conference

 Yay... You're friends with Hna Ricagno on FB!!!!!!!!!!! Ha-ha that’s so awesome! Glad she writes you in English, she writes me in Spanish, so unfair ha-ha :D probably so she can understand what I’m saying, my English is getting interesting. I know she has plans to come back to visit Chile next year, maybe we can plan to meet up here. :D Yeah, she lives with her parents :) that’s normal until you get married down here.
Yeah, there’s lots of homeless people here. It's pretty easy to spot the gypsies they're really, really tall, look gringo, tight shirts, long skirts, flowy or column, big earrings, braids or loose hair, but always very long, and skinny. You get a shiver when you look at them. They do mess with black magic and are super dangerous. You walk around them if you can :) but yeah I wanted my food :D so yeah.
Most people here just work odd jobs.
My pics won't load... I took a lot :(

 Ha-ha yeah, I figured if I stood on the outside you’d see me better :D the blonde I’m standing beside is Alyssa Smyke from Cochrane so that was cool, Hna Wright is training her. :) 
 (We knew Alyssa's family when we lived in Cochrane)

                                      Shay is on the right side


I sang in the choir for the conf too, we did a "Joy to the World" spanish version flash mob during the conf too :D all these missionaries popping up in the crowd to sing it was fun :D ha-ha Hna Myler is a drama teacher, she was put in charge of the conf music :D I believe I’m gonna be on the same thing as David Burton, having a hard time speaking English when I get home. :P It’s so hard to speak English especially to adults ha-ha and anyone who’s not a missionary. I’m trying to help Hna Vasquez learn English, it’s been fun ha-ha.... hoping I’m teaching her right. 
                                      Shay is on the left

Can't wait to talk to Shaylee Sunday morning at 8:00!!!

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