Saturday, 3 December 2016


Wow, I didn’t know about the world wide day of service on Thursday.  I guess we'll be finding out about that on Tuesday, they never give us much notice ha-ha :D  Wow, I miss bible dictionary and topical guide so much! Doesn’t exist in Spanish :P it's so incredibly useful :D 
 I never would have thought to put Kris and Mataya together as younger, and older Mary, but its perfect, they do look alike :)
 I hope Riley’s bag is the same one I have, because every one that brings a different type ends up buying a cheap ugly version of mine. The strap that secures around the waist is so much nicer on the back.  

A memorable moment from this week... hmmm. Definitely Saturday night, I slept with a kitten attacking me ha-ha on a couch, listening to the other girls fight with the other cats ha-ha :D I had the small problem. I still slept remarkably well :D

Saturday morning we went to see a member Doctora, she was so cool.
She called me Hna Shaylee and I about keeled over in shock ha-ha :D 
 ha-ha, and now I have pills :P crushable ;) and creams and shoe inserts, and bandages to cover where buddy (knob on the side of her foot) touches my sock to protect him. :D We're finally getting somewhere yay! I like her, she studied in Washington, USA so that helps ha-ha :D
The conference this past week was fantastical :D I loved it! It was long but we learned a lot.  We did a lot of searching into the ilumina el mundo (Light the World) thingy :D They trained us how to catch peoples attention with the pass along cards :D

We did a rescue of inactive in traiguen yesterday and I did splits, but in a trio ha-ha they begged me to come stay in their ward, said they miss having Hermana’s ha-ha :D I love it when the members appreciate the Hermana’s missionaries cause there’s some that... don’t? Ha-ha Bueno what can we do? We're just to awesome for them :D

                                            branch activity :D 

                     me and a ma named Javiera :D she’s 13  

       Those ugly red hearts I’m wearing, we had to sew 100 by hand :P

Well this week has been kinda crazy!  We have to dedicate today to finding a new house, we need to move si o sì this week :P  Last Saturday when we were coming back to the house, I got a feeling we were going in a direction we shouldn’t be, and thankfully all four of us felt the same, so we changed direction to go home a different way, but the feeling stayed so we changed again and same thing so we decided to run home. We live in an extremely unsafe area. Like extremely. So we ran, luckily I was wearing pants :D  When we got into the house I was like, ok now were going to be ok, but when I walked through the door, it was like a wall, and a firm NO as in  "DO NOT ENTER"!!! So we all went back into the glass awning room thingy just outside the door, and its 9:35 so we can’t go anywhere it was like.... Bueno. So we knelt and said a prayer. Then Hna Salles and Hna Vasquez felt it too, so we started to sing a hymn while we waited for the zone leader to call us back with the answer if we could go to a members house or not.  Five words into our conversation, and all 4 of us got a LEAVE NOW! impression so we left immediately and booked it 2 blocks to the closest member. We spent the night there. (Must be where she slept with the crazy cats)  The cops, (who never come when people call) came and searched the house (miracle number 1). They didn’t find anything except a ladder on the back end of the house going up to the bathroom window (one without bars). But yeah president wants us out ASAP. We’ve been getting a lot of sketch ohoine calls lately too. People telling us they have our keys, and to come to a certain place to receive them. (obviously we haven’t gone) cause all four of us have our keys, sooo. Yeah. If you guys could pray that we can get moved out within the next couple days it’d be fantastic. Last night we holed up in my room upstairs where it’s safer, with kitchen knives and cellphones close. Hardly slept, but it’s all good :D  I know we'll be fine :D  I love you!

Love amazing Shaylee

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