Monday, 21 November 2016

Preachin in Pants

Pres. May says he will drive down to my sector so I can use church wifi to skype you guys at Christmas, so I can have a good connection so I can see and talk to Riley. We can talk for 40 minutes. :P 

Yeah, almost no one did their pre mission stuff that I know... honestly make him watch dad’s sales training videos as well, ha-ha, he´ll be glad he did. Make sure he takes a teeny tiny quad set of scriptures, his back will thank him. Those mini cute individual scripture books would work too. My dream is that those existed in Spanish. He’ll have to carry enough big, heavy stuff around. 

 This morning I woke up with a crazy head cold, I got an ear infection after the conference on Friday. The conference was from 10-6, it was so cool :D Hna Ricagno and I went for our last intercambio, and get this, it was exactly 1 year from the day she picked me up in Conc├Ępcion at the beginning of my time in Chile. :D How crazy is that!  I was like whoa.... she planned that one good, ha-ha!  We went to get x-rays, then off to licanrye and it was fun :D After so much time apart, we teach pretty amazingly together I must say. We can just read each other’s mind.  Before bed we made popcorn and covered it in syrup, it was heavenly. :D  
I’m really glad Pres. planned another emergency conference with Elder Bragg, from the area seventy next week :D I get to see Hna Ricagno one last time :D We will definitely be going to Argentina to visit her when we come back to Chile with the family.


 Hna Mercau and I have been shocking people with our pants all week :D its sooo fun to see people’s reactions :D we’ve gotten some good ones ha-ha :D

                                                 The socks and flip flops look good. Lol!


My foot has not been so happy :P  I had an ultrasound on it Thursday, to see if I had plantar fasciitis I knew it wasn't, but did doc listen? No! Haha They did find a benign tumor near my heal. :P They said it is made out of fat tissue supposedly. That could be a part of it I guess if it’s pushing on a nerve or something. I still think they’re dislocated again, everything feels the exact same as before :P Oh well. I’ll get it figured out.

Next week on the 24 the new Christmas video of the church comes out, its sooo cool :D ilumina al mundo :D yay! New pass-along cards and everything :D

Oh and also I didn’t feel the earthquake this morning, here if it’s below 6.8 it’s called a tremor ha-ha, above 7 they might call it an earthquake.  If there is one, all of the church buildings are extremely earthquake safe.  I heard they don’t even move ha-ha :D 



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