Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Transfered to Victoria

I told Shaylee she had many people fasting and praying for her last Sunday, you are the people she calls her cheering section.
Ha-ha my cheering section got me sent to the smallest sector in the mission I’m sure. I’m feeling a little trapped after being in Maquehue. (one of the largest areas) It’s a tiny pueblito (village) and the branch is even tinier. They just split the branch in 2/3 & 1/3 and I’m in the 1/3 sector :P I’m going nuts, but on the other hand I only have to take one 15 minute break during the day to rest my foot. :D Way less walking here.

Saying bye to Goulding was sooo hard :( I miss her lots that’s the lame part of cambios(transfers) you really learn to love people then chao no mas (you see them no more). I’ll admit it made the change a lot easier when Ricagno called just to see how I was doing, love being able to communicate with her. She told me we are going to have a 3 zone Hna’s conference with Hna May (mission Prez wife) on the 9th :D that means I get to see her, Bazaes, Saunders, Goulding and Poyfair all at once :D :D :D :D yay!!!!!!!!!!

 My comp was born here in Chile, but was raised mostly in the states, and partly in Ontario, then she went off to Argentina. She’s cute, is a little different, but we get along good. She’s really sweet. I’m more used to sassy after Goulding, but sweets good too :D

  We had a district costume party since Halloween is frowned upon here, it was fun. I just let my hair down for the first time in forever and everyone called me princess so that worked. The first thing every member always asks in every sector is if I dance ballet and then soon they start calling me princessa :D I’m not complaining ha-ha :D

 Elder Rueda my second district leader is my zone leader now, he was my district leader when I was with Ricagno and he about fell over when I announced my time in the mission to the zone during the introduce yourself part of the meeting. ha-ha He’s going home at the end of this cambio with Ricagno. My district leader is kind of mean. I’m going to tell him to... ask him politely to lighten up on the interogations tonight, haha... well see if it helps :D We had 13 new investigators, and he was mad we didnt have a baptismal date in the church I was like, seriously? Bueno 

 Ha-ha one last Hna Goulding story.  Monday night we're going around hunting out investigators so we can explain cambios (transfers), and we stopped real fast so I could say bye to Alma. Last week they had picked Rufus (the dog) up off the street... yeah Rufus attacked us and almost got me, but that blessing I got when I was set apart really is real! I can’t tell you how many times a dogs jaws have almost closed around my ankle when I’m not paying attention, and by a miracle the dog has missed by a millimeter. Yeah I’m fine, Goulding got bit. We had to go to Soledad and Arminda´s house and they took us to the hospital. Goulding had to get the required rabies shots in her belly button. Ha-ha poor girl, I felt so bad but I also laughed... oops :D It’s all good she understood, we know each other really well after 3 months of 24/7.
I found this train on the way here to the cyber (where they write emails) :D

 I live with Hna Salles from Argentina and Hna Vasquez from Peru as well as my comp. 

Oh the house is made of wood, so I freeze every night. It's super extreme temperatures here.
 I lost my gray cardigan yesterday :( that was lame. If you can pray someone’ll find it and use it to accept us missionaries that’d be sweet. 

Love you all!



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