Saturday, 12 November 2016

Adopt a Granny

They have been having quite a few earthquakes the last few weeks in northern Chile. I asked her if she ever felt any after shocks.
I’ve been blessed all of the members I talk to about earthquakes are surprised that we haven’t experienced one yet. There haven't been any down here for a while :D I’m to far down to feel the aftershocks ha-ha :D yay!
The Concepcion temple is a medium sized one...I believe :D it’s bigger than then the Santiago temple :D it should be done in a couple years.   

 I called Maria today, she says Goulding’s getting around roughly. She’s on number 3 of the five shot series for rabies. Poor girl, but it’s a fantastic story :D
It's agonizing waiting for Riley’s call!

I finally got a hold of Margaret, she cried when she heard me talk. She’s having a rough time, but she said she’s going to be good now. Wish I could be there to help her.
This week was interesting... we have run into many a drunk.

Hello Kitty toilet paper?!

                                       View from her window


I have an official favorite member here her name is Maria Jose, she’s so cute. She wants to come with us every Sunday afternoon. She thinks it’s going to help her keep the Sabbath day holy. Her hubby will probably come along. Yesterday we all went out, it was really fun. We found a 90 yr. old lady who is taking care of her handicapped daughter, still poor lady. She cried while she talked and we sang her a himno, she was so happy to hear the word of God. :) So sweet. We're planning to do an adopt a granny with this old lady, she needs company, and a maid :D 
 I have kind of started taking over the personal progress part of YW here in the branch, supposedly we're allowed to have callings in the branches and I think they’re going to call me and my comp to help in the yw :D it would be so fun, I love it so much :D

I’m really excited for the sisters conference this Wednesday with Hna May :D  I get to see Goulding, Poyfair, Ricagno, and Bazaes all at once :D 
                          I found these pictures on her mission presidents FB page.

 I can't wait to go the temple again :D I opened my last pair of new garments this week and I just took a minute to remember the temple... I miss it so much.


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