Sunday, 20 November 2016

Riley's Mission Call

Thanks for telling me my hair looks great :D  It's past my waist now, and its always in a pony tail.  Honestly... I’m thinking about bleaching the ends and flame tipping it purple and blue till I get bored, then cutting it all off :D  
 I’m kind of crying my eyes out about Riley. I’m so excited for him, I really am :D  I’m just sad, it's going to be a long 3 and a half years.  
 Oh no, tears are back, the radio just turned to photograph, that song Riley’s always playin. 😭 I’ll be fine don’t worry!  conceal it, don’t feel it, put on a show, make one wrong move and everyone will know.  Unless riley postpones his call or I come home early 😎 mwahaha. Honestly this is killing me slowly.
 I’m studying humility right now.... pushing myself to get the light back, ha-ha.  I started feeling like I was in a rut, cause when your training it’s a constant battle, everything feels so monotonous now :P ha-ha, especially since Goulding’s sassiness ha-ha. Never thought I would miss occasional back talking ha-ha (it was all in good humor)
 I did get called to be a YW teacher :D yay! I love it so much ha-ha we’ve done 1 activity and 1 lesson I love YW’s :D
The Hnas conference was fantastic :D I loved every second of it :D  They had gravy!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died of happiness :D  The last time I had gravy was last Christmas :D yay! I love gravy :D  We learned about D&C 25, it was so cool, also lots of talks based from talks by Pres. Hinckley :D  Hna May was all so, "pants are not required ladies, don’t worry, you don’t have to wear them, it's not mandatory", so I raised my hand and asked if we can wear them if we want to :D  She said yes, if my comp wears them at the same time :D  So after this, were going to go buy pants :D yay!!!! por fin! woohoo :D I’m so excited :D I'll definitely be sending pics :D

This group pic is our mission family tree, we're only missing Galdino :D 

Ricagno trained me, and Bazaes, Bazaes is training the gringa Hna Saunders, Hna between Bazaes and Ricagno is Fres, she finished Bazaes training, and I trained Poyfair and Goulding and the girl beside Goulding is Hna Rico who started her training she’s from Spain :D I want her accent ha-ha
     Poyfair, and Goulding heading in for the cake ha-ha 

 I did my first split yesterday :D  I went with Maria Jose, we did a rescate rescue of all the menos activos close to the Capilla, it was fun :D 

I wicked miss Soledad ha-ha.  I wrote her a letter,
 which was good because Goulding told me she went into a mini depression when I left, which is not cool at all. :P I hope she’s going to be ok :D 

 This Wednesday I have doc appointment for my foot, but it looks too good since being transferred to my new area, ha-ha.  Maybe pray it turns back purple just for Wednesday? 

We have a zone conference with Ricagno, Poyfair, and Goulding again on Friday :D I’m so stoked! Yay!!!! It might be the last time I see Ricagno :( till I go visit her in Argentina :D  I’ll go pick amber up ha-ha

Riley wrote:
So I got my call Wednesday!! You ready to know where ?!?!
I'm am called to serve in the........... Canada........ Winnipeg mission haha 🤔🤗
I'm goin to the Provo MTC feb 15 2017.... so I'll miss you by 2 months😬
You know you can call the mission department and postpone your call by one or two transfers, and you’ll only be put back 6 weeks or 12 weeks if you ask for two transfers, people do it all the time. Because honestly, I don’t know if I can do this if you’re not going to be at home at least for a day when I get home. They almost always issue the calls just based on the closest transfer to your availability date. If you talk to em soon it doesn’t even make a difference in the plans. 😭 I love you so much and if you don’t I might fill out my flights home to land in your sector. Ha-ha 
I’m so incredibly excited for you, it’s going to be so awesome :D with Morgan and Tanner :D :D 😂😅  You are awesome and I’m so proud of you :D I love you so much Riley :D You are going to be an amazing missionary :D
Love big sis, Shaylee

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