Saturday, 12 November 2016

Earthquake in Concepcion

It is a little nerve racking to open your email and see a letter from your missionary, not on their pday, with the subject EARTHQUAKE!

November 8, 2016
This morning at 2 am there was an earthquake in Concepcion..... We didn’t feel anything this far south, in Victoria :D but there’s supposed to be aftershocks coming now :P that should be fun :P contacting on the street during an earthquake. I think I’m going to stand in the park and call everyone to repentance and baptism by water and fire, it should be fun :D  I’m all good :D no worries :D  I bought more emergency stuff yesterday so truly no worries if a big one comes again, or if there’s a second earthquake that’s bigger and all, I’m prepared :D I’m craving a strawberry cheese quake blizzard with skor bits now ha-ha :D I’m going to head out to work :D
 I love you all so much!

There’s also volcanos close to here, and ocean. Whatever happens don’t worry :D I’m like Olaf, I’ll be fine :D

Love amazing Shaylee



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