Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Hna Ricagno Heads Home

We ended up switching apartments with the elders, there is literally nada here to rent.  We got to work for a total of about 10 hrs this week, we were under strict orders to look for a new place to live or else!  I forgot to take a pic of the outside, the inside is still in progress, the elders where pigs! Scrubbing mold off the walls is better than the wheelchair guy who lived on our corner, he didn’t have legs and he would sometimes purposefully fall out of his chair, wait till someone tried to help him and then either try stab them, or rob them one of the two :D ha-ha.  I’m glad were not there anymore :D This house is smaller, older and I found a slug in the shower last night, but that’s ok because its safe there :D  It’s been a loong and crazy week ha-ha :D  Hna Ricagno came out to help us pack and clean, so that made it all worth it because I got to see her one more time. Seriously worst moment of the mission when we had to walk away. Right now she should be in the final testimony meeting before her flight home tomorrow. 😰 So sad!!!!

My new room

                                   Canada is everywhere ;)

 So I don’t know if you’ve seen the cover of the conference liahona, but this is our real life version ha-ha.  It was pouring rain after the district conference on Sunday, this is us escaping to go to lunch, and the member took these pics in between laughing at us ha-ha :D mission life ha-ha
(This picture she is talking about never came through, I wish it did the Liahona picture is cute!)


My package arrived! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :D in our room at least ha-ha :D  I got Kristy’s package too! I opened it, and out popped a Christmas tree! I was almost crying I was so excited to put up the tree :D ha-ha.  I took a pic before I got it set up good ha-ha :D its put up better now :D, and guess what... our room is blue :D, my first blue room in the mission :D and the whole house has a blue stripe around the roof 😄


Our fave completo place ;D its less than a 2 blocks from our house now :D 💃


I got a letter from Soledad too! She got her mission call to Salta Argentina :D she’s leaving in January :D yay team sole!

 We don't get the 6 month training before we go home, here they do it just before they release us :D They'll be training Hna Ricagno right now for after mission life. ha-ha :D  I really don’t think I’d make a good teacher.  I don’t know if I could work in an MTC, I really didn’t enjoy that place ha-ha :D but yeah I’ve been dreaming and scheming about what I’m going to do with my photography :D I’m excited :D

 Kayleen was pregnant???? Surprise ha-ha :D

Wait... Shelby knows how to cook :D sweet! She can be my nanny :D

Blurry shot of me and Hna Vasquez :D she’s Peruvian from lima :D 
                                          My raspberry pie :D

Elder Myler and Hna Myler took us out for ice cream on Monday, I got a pistachio thing with mixed nuts on top it was soooo good :D  We went back after the zone meeting Tuesday, when I thought it was the last I'd see of Ricagno, ha-ha :D it was really good :D

My zone leader, who was also my second district leader, goes home today too. ha-ha  He just looked at me in horror when I told him I had fourteen months this Tuesday, ha-ha :D  Oh, and as for our cambios (transfers), all four of us Hna's stayed the same, that hardly ever happens. :D  Hna Mercau has already been here 6 months, so it was hard for her, and as for me, well I took a few minutes to be shocked and not know how to react..... It’s gonna be weird to be with someone for 12 weeks who’s not my trainer or trainee ha-ha.

Love you all so much :D

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