Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Ha-ha I do love completos :D  That’s so crazy that Shae (Sommerfeldt) is back already :P 
 Hna Ric... Evelyn sent me an email from her house, it’s like the mission force is falling apart ha-ha! Chile’s gonna be losing the best missionary in 3 more fast Sundays approx. no me recuerda si esta en 3 o 4? bueno :D  The old lady we passed off to the elders is doing well.
Monday night we got a call from the zone leaders, so off we go to the district center and there we find ourselves in a meeting with the Hna’s of Toluca, and the elders of Victoria.  Turns out Pres May called said that there needed to be a cambio and that we were the ones to do it. 😱 Scariest feeling of trust ever ha-ha :D.  So yeah, after many tears from Hna Salles, and Hna Mercau looking completely confused, (I think sometimes I understand more than she does when people talk fast ha-ha) and lots of prayers, we came to the conclusion that me and Hna Mercau, needed to be in Victoria, and Elder Maldonado and Elder Espindola, needed to be in Tolhuaca.  So now we're in the same sector as the zone leaders, opening a sector and it’s been nuts so far, ha-ha and kinda fun too cause we now have a 17 yr. old investigator named jael (jah-ale).  She cried yesterday during our first lesson together. She knows it’s all true already, only problem is parental permission because her mom is in jail.... Buena :D ha-ha, so yeah she’s living in her boyfriend’s house (her boyfriend is in Santiago right now).
 Below there’s a pic of us with Johana she’s going to get baptized soon and is now an investigator of the elders, her mom Rosa and Ashley is the teen with us :D, she’s so cute :D  Her dad was the missionary who taught her mom, and there like 7 yrs. apart and she’s older :P his gringo is so weird!!! They’re a really cool family :D 

                        A bug we found, it’s bigger than my fist :P
 She finally opened the pkg she thought we had sent her for Christmas.

Fan from Uncle Randall And Aunt Sarah's Japan trip.


Our last mutual with our mujeres jovenes.. :( 😭 was a fun time while it lasted :D (last activity with the YW)
Today we are writing from Temuco :D  We had to come in to the Dr. again for my comp, (she has an infection in her throat) eeewww :P but we bought lovely humitas :D and I got a pic right before gypsies stole my comps lunch. I basically told em to get lost, I had a pair of scissors in my hand so they didn’t rob me :D yay! My comp has random items like scissors in her bag :D  It was a super yummy my humita :) We had to buy another for Hna Mercau ha-ha :D We're just having fun here today until we have to head home :D  We had another conf with Pres. and it was really good, and guess what? Goulding and Poyfair stayed where they were, so we got to see each other again yay!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you all so much :D  I am so excited for Christmas, wish I was gonna be home but I’m hoping to find someone who needs the gospel mientras :D I love you with all of my heart.

Love amazing Shaylee

PS we got 26 referrals yesterday :D miracles happen :D I love you!

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