Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Who's Been Smoking in My Bedroom?

My new area is huge, nothing like Maquehue, maybe a third the size of it.  I really like it. The members are super cool, and Sunday there were some visitors from Maquehue and San Pedro and they all remembered me :D The girl from Maquehue, Pia, was visiting her brother who used to live in Maquehue, but now lives in my ward as he married Fernanda who lives in my ward :D He was so excited when he saw me, they said everyone thinks I’m unpacked and settled into my house already ha-ha. They all think I have more time than I do. :D 
 Oh! Soledad is in the mtc!!!!! She went in on Tuesday, the day I got to Temuco :P so fun :D I need to find her email.

                                   Bracelet and letter from Soledad


A lil girl in this ward named Caroline thinks I’m a princess, she is 100 percent convinced. She gifted me this bracelet that she made, she also took apart my hair and rebraided in a fishtail over my shoulder and I must say it looked way better than the simple braid I had done. She’s 7 and totally adorable. She wants to be a hairstylist, she should be she’s reeally good :D 

 If you could put the names Ruben Haunstein and Camila in the temple it would be great, Camila stopped us in the street and asked that we pray for her boyfriend of 5 yrs. Ruben, he was in an accident a month ago and is in and out of a coma. She’s going to start meeting with the missionaries too. :D 

On Friday we had a fiasco :D we came home from a service project and I went to the bathroom and Hna Aros went to our room, I had the fan on (one of those annoying light fan together things) and I hear something about person and house.. I was like I can’t hear you, and I could just hear insistent sounds so I came out and there was a cigarette in our bedroom We looked at it, grabbed the keys and shoes and ran out the door. Then we called the Myler’s and Hermana Clark and Hermana Lange, someone had entered our apartment and smoked in our bedroom. So we got the locks changed and extra security. Thing is we already live in the safest apartments in the entire mission I’m pretty sure. It’s pretty ritzy. 180 flip from the falling apart house in Victoria. Hna Lange thinks someone is trying to mess with our minds because they didn’t steal anything. Hna Clark had a stack of 100 dollars American and I had my old camera on my bed. There was nothing just that saturated smell and the cigarette. The Myler’s came and checked the house we didn’t go in till they gave us the clear. So that was craziness. Pero Bueno. We also found this really cool set of sisters who want to be baptized on the 18 so if you could pray for Nury and Escarlet that would be cool :D We asked Escarlet to pray, in the prayer she thanked god for sending two fantastic missionaries to teach them this guide that they needed, and thanked god for the message and that she was casi sure it is true already :D so cool :D the missions a neat place.

Love amazing Shaylee






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