Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Herminie and Roberto

The 18th one of our investigators drank coffee, so we had to postpone baptism. But we had two other baptisms this week :D Herminie was baptized and so was Roberto :D it was really awesome :D

This morning our zone watched “Ephraim’s Rescue” and it was so crazy! I got so mad when the one chicky dies it was like nooooooooooooo!!!It’s been way to long since I’ve watched a movie besides the restoration, or the testaments. It was so funny because there’s a part where a couple kisses and its was 20 missionaries of their own free will covering their own eyes ha-ha! You could just here a gasp and a no! I just balled thinking of how much Riley loves that movie, the main character reminded me of him. The mom of the other dude Thomas reminded me of you, mom.

 Yesterday we finally found new people to teach, we heard a panicky thing happening and found a ladder against the bars around someone’s house, a little girl on the ladder and a mom and her kids trying to coax the child off the ladder. She, the kid had been left home alone, and decided to go water the plants. She’s six and didn’t think to bring the keys out with her, the door shut, and she got locked out of the house. When the neighbor got home her kids told her the little girl had been there for hours waiting for her parents to get home. So we helped rescue her :D It was fun. We have an appointment to go back soon :D The girls name is Ximena :D We also got into another house because I said we wanted to play a game of genius with them :D then I pulled out my nail and pop bottle game, it was so fun :D The family is cool, and the parents are married!!!

I’m just really wanting to use every precious second I have as a missionary to the fullest. I feel so useless sometimes, nothing that we do makes any difference if the lord wants it to happen it happens and if no, there we are waiting. But I know that everything happens for a reason and I am grateful to have been able to help so many people come closer to Christ already. I hope I can do more and help people repent. They really need it. I’m excited to be home and with you guys again. I’ll be there in seven weeks :D

Love amazing Shaylee
Shaylee sent pictures, but they were some strange file that won't load :(

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