Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Emotional Wreck!

This computer isn’t letting me open my pictures, I’m sorry!!!! Oh riley! I’m so mad at him still!!!!! I’ve been an emotional wreck the last month!! I was going to ask president to let me watch his setting apart from skype but my letters from the past said he wasn’t getting set apart till wednesdayish!!!! I’ll be home in eight weeks I don’t understand why he couldn’t wait for me! I’m so proud of him. I love him so much. I’m so glad he’s going, I’m just ticked he’s almost gone. Thankfully Joel sent me a recording of his talk. I’m sorry that was my rant. I have literally almost threw up when I gave my talk in church yesterday. I remembered he was about to give his farewell talk and it was so bad. Dorita, my doctora friend who helped me with my foot got crazy worried, and didn’t let me go to classes. She made me sit in the gym and drink chamomile tea. I was puky sick all day.  Sorry that was a very depressive letter.
Ok I’m calmed down a little, hit me a little hard that he is all gone… almost.

This morning we had a 4 zone conference to practice a song for the conference we are going to have with Elder Packer, son of Apostle Packer, ha-ha it was really cool. Mercau, Salles and Vasquez all showed up that was great, I really needed to see them. Nice to have people around who know you. ha-ha I was talking to Elder Putnam (from the CCM/MTC) after and he was saying how he realized all of us girls are heading home and he panicked a little says it’s all going to fast now!  I just told him he has no idea how fast it’s going. 8 weeks left. Craziness.
  Hermana Mercau also gave me back my bag full of games that Elder Carroll had made me this morning. I'd left them at her apartment when I was transferred. I’m pretty stoked about having them back. I’m not very good at teaching menos activos, but that’s ok. I rock at the attention deficit disordered investigators! :D
 My comp had part two of her root canal this week so we got trapped in the apartment for quite a while. Could you ask dad if he has any advice for the last part of one’s mission? I feel a little lost. Every member who asks how much time I have left just whistles and looks pityingly at me whenever I say 16 meses. :P I’ve tried saying about a year or stuff like that and my comp always corrects me. It’s so awkward when they start talking about missionaries who lose all desire to work before they finish the mission and stuff. :P  I have not and will not lose my desire to finish strong.

                                          Comp after root canal

                                               At zone conference

                                              Horse meat shop

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