Friday, 3 March 2017

Conference With Elder Allen Packer

This week Elder Allan Packer, Boyd K. Packer’s son, came to visit and changed everything!!!!! We now will challenge people to baptism assuming the sale and simply saying, two weeks after your baptism (the 5 of march) will you go to the temple and be baptized for one of your ancestors? That’s just one of the changes!!!! I’m so excited for all the changes and grateful I’ve been in the mission for so many of them, also a little wishing I could be here when the new preach my gospel comes out.... lucky Riley :D  After the conference, I said the closing prayer and got to talk to Elder Packer a little bit.  Hna Poyfair told me at the conference she is going to be a Hermana capacitadora in the north part of the mission!!! Woohoo!!! Then she gave me my trunky agenda...... it’s full of guys and marriage quotes ha-ha the crazy girl!  It was a shock to have in my hand honestly.... this is the last 6 weeks. πŸ˜―πŸ˜­πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒπŸ˜°πŸ˜΄I’m so tired ha-ha :D 
Ummm.... I had to say bye to Hna Poyfair it was really said, but she says she’s coming to my wedding so, Bueno. Ha-ha well see when that happens ;) 

 My comp and I went to the mall and got subway and frozen yogurt today :D We went to go exchange a pair of shoes Hna Aros parents sent her, but that store doesn’t exist here so.... several hours wasted but the yogurt was good :D 
I’ve been teaching a English class, probably shouldn’t be teaching anyone about English but they think I still speak good so everyone’s happy :D
                         This is my best student Hno Masson ha-ha.
 I received a package for Christmas from Sister Reeder  :D I love the thingy’s she sent me they're so cute! So send a big hug for her :D
 Oooh, Hno Masson had to come to our apartment and cast out an evil spirit so that was fun :D  We’re fine no worries :D Nothing weirds happened since then. 

We’ve taken to exercising on the playground under our apartment building. we’ve got swings, teeter totter, jungle gym and slide :D it’s so fun ha-ha :D
 They called us Saturday night with the cambios and Hna Lange is off to Las Angeles, Hna Clark stays and Hna Neilson is coming, I am also staying with Hna Aros :D So my last cambio, there was no cambio for me and I’m ready to work. 

Teaching and preaching goes good :D we’ve got some really cool families were teaching, and my fave members are helping us a lot : D Pablo and Fernanda :D yesterday we had lunch with them and Fernanda and I realized we were born in get same year so that was cool :D That pool outside our apartment building is the most torturous thing in the world. Right outside our windows. All of them.... and it’s so blazing hot all the time and there’s this pool.... so mean ha-ha: D 

For help with my relief society lesson I asked Shay when she has felt the Savior with her during her mission. This was her quick response:                                                        

In the CCM (MTC) He definitely carried me remember when I was in the classes from rs dying, sad, feeling trapped and with my hard comp.  I felt Him lift me and help me in everything I did. Every day when I can’t walk anymore with my dislocated foot, I pray and he carries me and helps to me to walk with speed and get where we need to go, even if it’s to a bench for a five min break ;) He has been protecting me from danger, every minute of my Chilean life ha-ha :D 



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