Tuesday, 7 March 2017

One Fast Sunday Left!

We had a good week and a weird one :D  We found a few people crying in the park, a few creepy menos activos (inactives) to avoid, yuck, and a really, reaally old lady who just wants to be happy :D so that’s cool, and a new investigadora with a sister who’s a Mormon :D good stuff :D 

The new girl in the house, Hna Nielsen is a lot of fun.
 I can’t believe how big Evelette is. :D 

 If you could send me marriage quotes from church leaders, or wedding dress pics that are tiny that'd be great :D I’m doing Hna Poyfair’s trunky agenda as revenge. It’s so awkward when I pull out my agenda and it falls open to one of the many pics of men. Ha-ha. So I’m making her one.  

Sorry I can’t write much I got twelve million letters. You’d think I’ll be home soon or something ;) I’m super excited ha-ha 1 fast Sunday left ;) 

Love amazing Shaylee

This is of a random lady, she may or may not call you to tell you I’m doing well??? She was a little different, but kind of forced us to pass our parents phone numbers... oops :D Her kids are Mormons so she had good intentions. She said when her grandson is out on his mission she hopes someone calls her. :)

The treat is a rat made out a very yummy trufa (Truffle, I think) stuff : D
 She says it was raining, that's why she looks like a drowned rat. lol!

After fasting all day

PS We walked so much this week!!!!! My feet are like the Flintstones :D My toe is purplish, but it still is attached and that’s the important part :D
"People die in bed and so does ambition."

Joseph Fielding Smith


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