Thursday, 23 March 2017

Last Zone Conference

 Least fun thing of the week was fixing my legality ... when I was in Victoria, I registered for my second visa and ordered a second carnet ID thingy, when I went to pick it up here in Temuco... they hadn’t done any of it and 3 days later and they would have had to put me in the slammer for being illegal!!!!! Luckily the lady in the Chilean version of FBI is my buddy and she helped me out :D I’ve known her for a while. I’ve been in Temuco a looong time :D  Yesterday, the 10 year old son of a member who has only sisters, found out I have thrown axes, love archery, and ride horses, he was literally on his knees begging me to teach him ha-ha :D

This week we had a zone conference and they had CHILI FOR LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost died of happiness Hna May is the best! :D 

The conference was amazing I received a note from Hna Goulding, telling me I’m a abuelita cause she is training a Utah girl :D  I learned a lot about family history work, and missionary work in the conference cause we are now as a mission challenging people to be baptized and to go to the temple to be baptized for an ancestor 2 weeks after :D it’s so sweet :D 
  I was listening to the conference happily, soaking it all in and all, when I hear Elder Haymore announcing that we will be hearing the final testimonies of HNA NELSON, Elder Carroll, Elder Noyce and Elder someone.  I almost fell off my chair, I literally gasped I was so shocked.  I was sitting by Pres May and he was laughing at me, motioning that it was time to stand up and I was dying cause we had just finished singing the last song we sang as a choir in the CCM, and it was all emotional.... yikes.  Hna Aros said I was super pail when I got up there, Elder Putnam was laughing at me too. Then I opened my mouth and started talking and everyone was bawling, even the elder’s ha-ha: D VICTORY!  I guess it's official, I’m coming home. 
 I've got to keep going to because the last moment might make a difference in someone’s life for forever. President May sends me stay strong messages every week ha-ha: D 

I still have yet to feel an earthquake :/

Hna Lezcano my comp that was never my comp, and we never even had an intercambio :D

                  A pic I found on my camera after the conference

 The new Canadian and I :D Hna Steed who crazily enough is from Magrath :D 
 On the way to a service project selfie :D
 I found a four leaf clover on St Patrick ’s Day and a five leafed clover yesterday so I’m soo lucky :D I love it :D 

Love amazing Shaylee



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