Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Barley Escaping Rainy Season

Well, all of the baptismal possibilities fell through but we found a new lady who’s getting baptized on the 15th :P she’s cool though, Brandina. We are also teaching a mom and her twelve year old twins. Maritza, Eduardo and Benja. They live in an old church ;D it’s cool. They are evangelical.... I don’t know what it’s called in English... I think dad calls them holy rollers?? Maritza doesn’t think her baptism was valid so she’s super cool :D Then we have Marcelo.... he..... I’ll explain him in a couple weeks mejor :D Angelika but she went off to Santiago for 2 weeks sooo..... bueno.... ha-ha, but we’ve found several really cool new investigators :D so there’ll be probs 7 baptisms in the weeks after I leave, but the fact I’m barely escaping rain season here makes up for it :D
We had a zone attack in Vilcun yesterday these pictures are all from that (I never did get these pictures) :D the tiny Latina is Hna Silva she’s my buddy :D  The elders in Vilcun love cooking so they made a couple hundred cookies and put cute wrappings on them and we went out and contacted with cookies :D the peoples were happy :D  I hope things go better for them there now ha-ha pobrecitos.
Today we had a dodgeball tournament and it was great, no one could get me out but I couldn’t get many out either so I was almost always the last one in dodging forever, no mas ha-ha now my legs are burning from ups and down so many squat type movements  ha-ha :D I’m in better shape than when I left, just not much up down movement in the mission.

Below we have Fundo El Carmen, we did a whitewash of sectors and companions all mixed up so ended up with Hna Clark in Fundo El Carmen for the day. We found 7 new investigators and a million futuros. It was awesome. Fundo was Hna Ricagno’s first sector so I have officially worked in every sector Hna Ricagno was in. :D

This pic is me on the ground when we got back to the house last week after writing u guys... my comp threw the blanket on me and I stayed for a good hour. Drop dead tired. Then I moved to my bed. But today I have to start packing my suitcase because I’m not going to have time next week, or the mental power. Kind of scared not going to lie. I am so excited to see everyone. :D

 The Sunday after conference is fast Sunday for us, I still have one left ;) Saturday session starts at 1, but we watched the women’s broadcast Saturday morning at 11:30.






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