Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Light of the Gospel

All I can say is you guys are the best for not being trunky  :D  I’m so focused still, and I owe a lot of that to you all :D
 I loved every second of conference it was so interesting, all of the theme they had going of the light of the gospel, it was like, just hold on, have faith, get close to Christ, everything’ll be ok :D 
Between conferences my comp and I picked chestnuts behind the stake center :D it was fun :D they look like Dr. Seuss balls :D

 Romina decided I needed to have Latina hair and she wanted my gringa hair ha-ha
 We watched almost every session in English.... my companion is amazing ha-ha.  She understood everyone except the Australian, that was a new accent for her.
We went to papa johns for my last pday :D I bought a cinnamon bread thingy :D so good.
 I’ve been lying to the members cause they want me to come say bye and I’m like oh I’m not leaving yet,( I’ll say bye during church):D ha-ha so I’ve got a full schedule planned this week I’m so excited :D

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