Thursday, 23 March 2017

I Don't Want to be an Awkward RM!

All the missionaries I live with are jealous of my ward buddies :D (Seriously I get so many packages from so many of them)  I miss you guys so much, yet it was so weird to see my flight plans, that’s a ten hour flight!!!!!! In one!!!!!!!!!!! No thank you I’m staying here!!!!!!!! 

This week was fun we had interviews with Pres May as you saw from the cookie pic :D He told me that we are going to ignore the fact I’m leaving, which I totally prefer, and told me to be like Dumbledore, any trunky thoughts or stuff people tell me, pull it out like a memory and stick it in the flask thingy :D everything in the mission relates to Harry Potter :D wisdom from my training. :D 

My feet are killing me, and as wonderful as sitting down for a couple weeks sounds, good luck! you’ll have to tie me down ha-ha.  I’m kind of hyperactive now..... extremely.... pero bueno :D 

I am stoked to speak all in Spanish to you :D it’s the language that requires menos thought on my part right now :D  I will probably be like a Ricky Ricardo. Excitement=Spanish.  Ha-ha 
This pic I totally snapped it of Angelika ( investigator) and Herminia (convert) while they were singing during F.H.E. and they didn't even notice :D I’m so ninja :D

                                                                   Hna Aros


                                                          Romina & Hna Aros

We found a new investigator who has been to the church once before and she is super ready to be baptized :D  I just have to fill the font looks like :D and another family too :D  I’m so excited, I love it when people want what we have. Reminds me why it’s all worth it :D   Oh, also I DON'T WANNA BE AN AWKWARD RM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously yawl got to help me out when I get there, maybe some normalcy classes or something from Mataya..... Wait.... ;)  I’m so happy right now at this point in my mission.  I was panicking cause everything is going too fast, but Hna Ricagno sent me a timely letter about how to savour the end of the mission, so I’m calmer now ha-ha :D gotta enjoy it like a chocolate cake ha-ha, slowly and committedly :D 

Love amazing Shaylee

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