Friday, 19 August 2016

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

My birthday package arrived in time! Yay! I love it all! The shoes fit perfect and I love them so much! :D  The cupcake thingy is sooo cute! The shirts and the pants ;D I looooove it! 
Hna Ricagno just arrived yay! 
This morning I woke up super excited then I started to cry a little cause you guys aren’t here, then I pulled out my pics felt better, exercised, Hna Goulding comes in with a huge pile of pancakes and they were super yummy :D and we studied and I opened my package
Intercamnbio with Hna Kleinmann, she cool we had lots of fun but it was pouring rain and we never had time to go drop her bag off at the house, and her stuff got soaked, which is extra sad because she had a trainers manual for me in there ha-ha and her pajamas but we got it figured out in the end :D 

The internet is slow so I can’t send all the pics but know I looove my presents :D feels so weird to be twenty :D I’ll never grow up :D just so ya all know :D
Hna Vazaes just called to wish me happy birthday :D  Prez and Hna may called as well day- so nice of them :D

 I have the worlds nicest shoes now I just want to throw to the other ones :p they’re so gross ha-ha :D
Estoy dando cuenta (I'm realizing) that my hair is seriously blonde so I sent a pic of my highlights :D
 Today we cleaned, I took a nap, and we went to pizza hut :D  I ate half of  a medium pizza :D four seasons and ultimate nico :D we got two kinds :D yum!! I love pizza :D 

My compy is the best she’s fun yesterday we sang capella hymns for Pia Ruiz’s baptism a girl in the ward it was fun :D We found a 75 yr. old lady named Maria Eulogia who wants to be baptised this week she is cool, yes she is still sane :D Yay! I’m so happy right now I love my birthday just wish I was there with everyone :D soon soon :D 
Ha-ha during intercambio Hna Kleinman and I found a new investigator who was very, very open with us then we realized she was drunk hahaha explained a lot, but we know every one of her needs :D

I love you all so much ! Happy Birthday Momma!
I’m so grateful for our family :D and that we going to be together forever :D Yay!!!!!!

Love, Amazing Shaylee


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