Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Christmas in July

 I’m starting to make Hna Ricagno her "trunky" agenda. I’m panicking a little, she goes home December 6th :P 
 I wear the muck boots all day every day. They have paid for themselves for sure ha-ha. My umbrella broke, I've got to find a new one. It’s been very bitter cold here :P  I’m not sure if winter or summer is worse ha-ha They are so incredibly extreme! Fall and spring are perfect though ;D
I did get the pants you sent, but I would be the only sister wearing pants. The hna's are shamed and call me feminist ha-ha! I have to wait 1 1/2 more weeks to wear them because pres. wants to check something in his first meeting with area seventy before he has one solo sister missionary in Chile running around in pants. I gave him a list... a looong list of why it’s a great idea. :D Hna Wright thinks were going to get transferred next Monday because she can’t preach with me in pants ha-ha :D traditionalist :D
We had a Christmas in July zone activity this morning we had a house against house gingerbread house making contest. I designed and led ours :D They called in a random person from the sidewalk to judge and we won! Please enjoy these photos of the Nelson family ranch as Hna Hall dubbed it :D The thing beside our house is Hna Penas tractor :D

It was fun. Afterwards we went to Jacks for a burger. :D 

It’s been a good week ;D



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